How to Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

6 – In this article according to the title I will provide a guide on how to use the xiaomi mi flash which is used for flashing the firmware of all xiaomi cellphones.

How to Use Xiaomi Mi Flash ToolTo be able to use this Mi Flash tool, make sure the processor/chipset used by your xiaomi is Qualcomm. Because this Mi Flash only works on xiaomi phones that use Qualcomm.

Tutorials Using Xiaomi Mi Flash

  1. Download the latest Mi Flash tool and extract the miflash tool on your computer.
  2. Now please install the mi flash tool in the folder you extracted earlier.
  3. Download the fastboot file/stock firmware for your xiaomi here. Choose according to your xiaomi type (Try the downloaded file with .tgz extension if it still has .tar change/rename it to .tgz)
  4. Make sure you have Mi PC Suite installed as it will automatically install your Xiaomi Driver.
  5. Turn off your xiaomi.
  6. Now you need to enter fastboot mode by press and hold Power button + Volume down for 6-8 seconds.
  7. After you see a screen like this, it means that you have successfully entered fastboot mode.
  8. Now connect your xiaomi to computer
  9. Open miflash
  10. Select firmware by pressing select and select the firmware folder you extracted
    How To Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash 3
  11. Press refresh until COMxxxx appears in the devices section (xxx can vary according to the type of xiaomi cellphone) and Press Flash
    How To Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash 4
    How to Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash 5
  12. Wait for success, there is usually a message The Operation Completed Successfully or Flash Done. or success
    How to Flash All Xiaomi With Miflash 6
  13. Done

That’s how to use xiaomi mi flash

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