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How to Use the WhatsApp Reaction Feature on Android and IOS


SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – WhatsApp has released a new feature called WhatsApp Reaction, with this feature that will allow users to react to messages like Instagram and Facebook.

Quoting from Tempo.co, the WhatsApp Reaction feature is present in the latest version and is available for Android and IOS versions. Through this new feature, users react to messages in individual or group chats. These reactions will be selected via emoji.

Launching from the official WhatsApp page, it is known that users can also see all reactions to messages by tapping on the reactions below the message. Note that you can only add one reaction per message.


WhatsApp gave another note about their latest feature. Where it is not possible for the user to hide the reaction or the number of reactions present.


The recipient of the message may see a reaction before the sender deletes it or if the deletion is not successful.

Also, the sender will not be notified if the react deletion is not successful. Also, the reaction will disappear when the message is gone too.

So, how to add the reaction?

It’s not difficult. Simply long press on a message. Then tap to select one of the displayed emoji. Reactions can also be changed by long-pressing on the message being reacted to, then tapping a different emoji.

Note that when a user adds a reaction to a message, only the owner of the message will receive a notification.



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