How to Unlock Bootloader (UBL) Poco M3 (Citrus)


How to Unlock Bootloader (UBL) Poco M3 (Citrus) – This time I will share a tutorial on how to Unlock Bootloader (UBL) on Xiaomi Phones, specifically Poco M3 with codename (Citrus). Since this tutorial is a bit long, I hope you will follow it carefully.

How to Unlock Bootloader (UBL) Poco M3 (Citrus)

UBL Risks and Benefits

Everything we do will of course have its own risks and benefits, including UBL which we will do on Poco M3 (Citrus). First I will discuss the risks first.

UBL risk

  • Security becomes weaker – unlocking the Bootloader will certainly weaken the security contained in the Poco M3.
  • There is a possibility of lost warranty – The issue of lost warranty is actually still gray, because in some cases I have found that the warranty is still valid even though the cellphone is in a UBL state.
  • If you make a wrong step, it can cause Softbrick to Hardbrick.

UBL Benefits

  • We will have full access to modify the entire system on the phone.
  • Flashing / reinstalling becomes easier – If you have UBL we can easily do Flashing using Mi Flash in Fastboot mode.
  • Can use Custom Recovery like TWRP.
  • Can do Rooting, GCam, install Custom ROMs, and install various tweaks to improve cellphone performance.

UBL Poco M3 (Citrus) terms and conditions

Your Poco M3 must already use the latest Stable version of the Official ROM. Custom ROM cannot be used for UBL.

  the best of the family

  • The mobile number used must be active.
  • Have a Mi Account and the mobile number used on the Mi Account must be active.
  • Mi account is already logged in to Poco M3 which will be at UBL, at least 3 days.
  • Move all the data that is on the Poco M3. The UBL process will delete all data on your Poco M3.
  • All damage that occurs as a result of following this tutorial is the responsibility of each of you.

Notes. Basically all types of Xiaomi and Redmi Phones can follow this tutorial to Unlock Bootloader (UBL).

Tools needed for UBL Poco M3 (Citrus)

  • Xiaomi/Redmi USB/ADB Driver Installer » Download here.
  • Mi Flash Unlock » Download here.
  • Windows PC / Laptop connected to the Internet.
  • Original USB cable or equivalent quality.

Turn On Developer Options

  1. To do this, go to settings » About phone » then tap 8 times on MIUI Version.
  2. Then a notification will appear. Now you are a developer!.
  3. To enter Developer options, please go to Settings App » Additional settings.
  4. The Developer options menu is at the very bottom as shown in the image above.

Next you have to enable the USB Debugging and OEM Key options on the Poco M3 (Citrus).

Enable OEM Key and USB Debugging

  1. To do this, go to the Developer options menu, scroll down and look for OEM Unlock, then press the button to activate it (enter the PIN you use).
  2. Then select Activate.
  3. To enable USB Debugging, please continue scrolling down, find USB Debugging and enable it. If a notification appears, select OK.
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Next is to sync Mi Account.

Mi Account Sync

  1. Still in the Developer options menu, please sync Mi Account.
  2. Go back to the Developer options menu, Look for MI Unlock Status.
  3. If prompted for permission, select Agree.
  4. Then tap on the Add account and device section.
    Notes. Do not use Wifi in this step, must use internet data from the card installed on your phone.
  5. Wait a few moments until the Mi Account data sync process is complete.
  6. Make sure the notification that appears says “Successfully added. Mi account is linked with this device now” instead of “Couldn’t verify. Sign in again to your account and start over.”

If you have done all the steps above, please proceed to the UBL Poco M3 (Citrus) section using MiFlash Unlock.

How to UBL Poco M3 (Citrus) with MiFlash

  1. Open MiFlash Unlock with Run as Administrator option.
  2. Select Agree.
  3. Enter the associated Mi Account on your Poco M3 Phone.
  4. If so, turn off your Poco M3 cellphone then enter Fastboot Mode. The trick is to press and hold the POWER + VOLUME DOWN button for a few seconds / until the Mi Bunny logo that says Fastboot below it appears.
  5. Next, connect the Poco M3 to the computer using a USB cable. If the notification that appears “Not connected to the phone” means the Poco M3 has not been connected to the PC / Laptop.
  6. When connected properly, the status of “Not connected to the phone” in the Mi Flash Unlock application will change to “Phone Connected”.#7. Then click Unlock.
  7. Select Unlock anyway.
  8. Poco M3 (Citrus) Unlock Bootloader Process.
  9. If the “Couldn’t Unlock Please unlock 168 hour later” notification appears, then you need to wait 168 hours before you can continue this tutorial. Notes : The waiting time is usually different for each user.
  10. After waiting 168 hours, please repeat the tutorial again to do the UBL Poco M3, if it is successfully UBL, then the MiFlash Unlock display will look like this.
  11. If your Poco M3 doesn’t reboot automatically, please click Reboot phone.
  12. Wait for the Poco M3 to turn on again.
  13. Done.
After this you can Root and install TWRP on Poco M3

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That’s for the Tutorial Unlock Bootloader or UBL for the Poco M3 with the codename Citrus, if there is something you don’t understand, you can ask via the comments below. Thank you.


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