How to Unlock Bootloader of All Latest Xiaomi 2021

How to Unlock All Latest Xiaomi Bootloaders Easily
How to Unlock Bootloader All Latest Xiaomi 2021Â – Okay, so be proud for all of you users of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (PRO), Redmi 3 (PRO), Mi 4c, Mi Note PRO, Mi 5, Mi Max and all the latest 2017 Xiaomi smartphones until 2021 because Xiaomi has now raised the level of security on their latest smartphone by locking the bootloader which brings its own advantages for the wearer, on the other hand it also has an impact that can be very bad for the user. some people.

What is a bootloader? Is the bootloader important?

So, the bootloader is used to boot an operating system (including Android). This bootloader acts as a bridge and connects the operating system with the kernel.
Whether or not the bootloader is important is very important because if there is no bootloader or the bootloader is corrupted then the device in question will not turn on or fail to boot.

What is the impact of locked bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones?

Back then only smartphones made by Sony had this kind of protection. Of course, the locked bootloader is useful for restricting users from accessing the smartphone, not only operating but also accessing the system until the kernel is restricted.
Several sources say Xiaomi made this locked bootloader policy to anticipate and protect user data due to accidental damage.
In addition, by unlocking the bootloader users can flash as they wish, so that if the owner loses the smartphone, other people can easily change the ROM of the smartphone and eventually the smartphone will never be lost. found.
Locked bootloader on Xiaomi can check whether your Xiaomi smartphone is genuine or fake.
Impact of locked bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones:
  • Unable to root
  • Unable to flash ROM (including fastboot ROM)
  • Recovery Mode changed, function becomes access to ADB
  • Unable to install custom recovery
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So what is the solution so that we can regain access to the locked bootloader?

No need to worry. We can unlock the Xiaomi bootloader by following the following procedure.

How to Unlock Bootloader of All Latest Xiaomi Easily

This method is safe and can be guaranteed to work because this unlocking process is a procedure from the Xiaomi official.
What is clear, make sure your Android smartphone is in a normal state, the battery is fully charged and the device support is also adequate like a normal original data cable.

Make sure you have backup applications, SMS, contacts, data and personal files that are in the internal memory and others because your Android smartphone will be back like new.

In this tutorial I’m using the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro.
  • First of all make sure you are logged in to Mi Account. Without a Mi Account login, you will not be able to unlock the bootloader. Mi Account login you can do from the Settings page then look for the Account menu
  • Activate the Developer Options menu by opening the Settings application, selecting About Phone, pressing the MIUI Version (For POCO) line repeatedly until a toast message appears that Developer Options is active
  • Open the Developer Options menu in the Additional Settings menu
  • Check / enable OEM Unlocking menu
  • Open the Mi Unlock Status menu, then click the Add account and device button. Make sure after that a toast message appears that the account and device were successfully added

After completing this process, you generally have to wait 168 hours or 7 days. This is a new policy issued by Xiaomi, not the same as the process of unlocking the bootloader of previous Xiaomi phones which can be processed in minutes or hours. If you still force to unlock the bootloader, then during the unlocking process the following message will appear:

If you have passed the 7-day waiting phase, move on to the next step.
  • Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool v5.5.224.24 which will be used for the Xiaomi bootloader unlock process
  • Extract these tools into your computer/laptop
  • Enter into Bootloader Mode (Fastboot Mode), how to turn off your smartphone then press the power button and volume down button simultaneously until the MIUI mascot appears followed by fastboot writing below. After that, connect the phone to the computer / laptop using the original USB data cable
  • Run batch_unlock.exe from the extracted result
  • Click the Sign In button in the lower left corner then login using your Mi Account
  • Press the refresh button at the bottom of the tool if the phone has not been detected
  • Press the unlock button at the bottom of the tool to start the bootloader unlock process
  • After the bootloader unlock process is complete, the phone will immediately restart and the Mi Unlock Tool list will disappear by itself
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    How to check if Xiaomi has unlocked bootloader or not

    If you have just unlocked or you just have a second Xiaomi smartphone, you can check the bootlader status in the following way:
    • Enter Bootloader Mode / Fastboot Mode as in the previous step
    • Connect your Xiaomi smartphone to computer / laptop using original data cable
    • Go to the Mi Flash Unlock extracted earlier
    • Make sure the fastboot.exe file is there
    • Press the Shift key and right click button, select Open command window here
    • Type the following command then enter

    fastboot oem device-info

    How to Unlock All Latest Xiaomi Bootloader Easily
    In the line (bootloader) Device unlocked is written true, meaning that the device has been successfully unlocked.

    Troubleshoot unlock Xiaomi bootloader (Old Tutorial)

    When I unlocked the bootloader of the old Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 PRO, an error appeared like this :

    How to Unlock All Latest Xiaomi Bootloader Easily
    Error Couldn’t verify device is a bug that has been confirmed by the official Xiaomi. The reason is because the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 PRO that I unlocked did not use the Chinese Developer ROM.
    In fact, in this official unlocking tutorial thread ( it says:

    If you’re using Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm version or Mi 5, you can unlock on MIUI Global Stable ROM, click here to download

    Note: Redmi Note 3 is equipped with a MediaTek processor while the Redmi Note 3 PRO (16GB and 32GB) uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
    The solution, use the Developer version of China Fastboot ROM (download here).

    Error “Current account is not bound to this device”

    MiFlash Unlock has now been updated by the Xiaomi software developer, until the last time this article was updated it entered version 2.3,803.10. Then what’s the difference?

    For those of you who want to unlock the bootloader, you are now required to use the latest ROM output according to each smartphone type because one of the requirements for the latest unlocking is that the user must link his MIUI account to the device concerned through the Mi Unlock status menu contained in the Developer options.
    Users with older ROM versions will not be able to unlock because older ROM versions don’t have Mi Unlock status option in Developer options.
    What if we use the old MiFlash Unlock series that doesn’t require the user to associate an account with the device in question? It doesn’t seem possible, because during the unlocking process an error will appear where in the statement it says you are required to download the latest MiFlash Unlock series .
    How to Unlock All Latest Xiaomi Bootloaders Easily
    If you encounter an error “Current account is not bound to this device” when unlocking, don’t worry because it is the latest feature provided by Xiaomi. You only need to do the procedure that has been given, namely linking the MIUI account to the device in question via the Mi Unlock status menu contained in Developer options.
    To do this, open Settings < Additional settings < Developers options < Mi Unlock status / Enable OEM Unlock / OEM Unlocking then press the Add account and device button.
    Additional: Error “Current account is not bound to this device” usually followed by the caption “In the “Settings -> developer options -> Mi unlock states” binding account and equipment” or “Add your account and device in MIUI’s Settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock status“.
    How to Unlock All Latest Xiaomi Bootloader Easily
    Hope this helps.
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