How to Track Sender IP & Location in Gmail

Track email sender location easily in Gmail!

Sometimes, Maybe you receive an email from an unknown source or person, and before replying, we want to know the details of the person who has sent us the message. Some email service providers such as Yahoo Mail & Hotmail includes the sender’s IP address in the header, but Gmail hides the IP Address.

Now the real question is – If Gmail hides the sender’s IP Address, how can we determine the sender’s geographic location? There is an option to determine the geographic location of the sender in Gmail, but the process is a bit complicated.

First of all, BangSep informs you that Gmail doesn’t provide any default option to track sender IP Address. So, we need to check the IP Address manually. However, the good thing is that you don’t need to connect a third party app with your Gmail account to track the sender’s IP Address

How to Track IP & Sender Location in Gmail Sender in Gmail

Below, BangSep has shared a simple technique to track sender location & IP address in Gmail. So, let’s see.

  1. First of all, Login to your Gmail account,
  2. Now open the email you want to track.
  3. Now click on the three dots (located in the right corner).
  4. From the list of options, click the ‘Show original’ button .
  5. This will open the original message. You just need to find the field name ‘SPF’ . SPF stands for ‘Sender Policy Framework’, and it denotes the IP Address of the sender .
  6. You can use any online IP checker to find geographic details of an IP Address.
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That’s it! You guys are done. This is how you can track the location of the email sender in Gmail.