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How to track cellphones with whatsapp, what can you do?


JATIMTIMES – Whatsapp is very popular lately for smartphone users, many have turned to this one application to chat or make calls, be it calls or video calls. According to pdamtirtasukapura.co.id, with the various features available on WhatsApp or WA, it certainly makes device owners, be it Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, want to install the WhatsApp application.

And what is more interesting to discuss is whether it is possible when our cellphone is lost we can track the whereabouts of the cellphone via WhatsApp, now if this is what you are asking about then you can get the answer in our review this time.

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It’s very unfortunate if we experience the loss of a smartphone, the problem is sometimes not because of the price or anything, but the existence of a very important contact or photo that is confidential on the smartphone so that if it spreads to the general public it will be embarrassing. But thanks to today’s sophistication, of course, we can take advantage of technology such as remotely deleting Android files or locking them.

By using GB WhatsApp, indeed we can track a lost cellphone, but maybe the results will not be as accurate as when you use find my device and the process is also quite complicated because you have to apply several steps and including having to chat with the WA application installed on the cellphone, You can see more details as follows.

How to Track HP Using Whatsapp

  1. This trick uses a computer or laptop and you can use the whatsapp web application in your browser
  2. Furthermore, when we are chatting, we can find the IP of the cellphone by running the task manager by “CTRL + ALT + DEL”
  3. Remove all running programs except the browser you use for chat
  4. Then enter the run by “Win + R” and enter “cmd” press enter
  5. A command prompt will appear then you can enter “netstat-an” then enter
  6. After that, the IP of the cellphone will appear, you can copy and save the IP
  7. For the tracking stage, you can use http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/ and enter the ip.

That way now you can find out where your cellphone is, that’s our little trick about how to track cell phone using whatsappyou can follow the steps as described earlier, good luck.

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