How to solve Android 11 bugs, here are the causes and steps!


It’s important for you to know how to fix Android 11 bugs, because if one day an error occurs, then you can fix it yourself.

Android 11 itself has been around for some time and is slowly appearing in a number of smartphone brands.

However, it turns out that there are some minor bugs that sometimes appear in the latest Android versions and make users feel restless.

If your device is already like this, then it’s worth knowing how to properly address it.

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How to easily fix Android 11 bugs, what are the steps?

Android itself is one of the operating systems on smartphones that already have many users today. Even this fairly rapid development, makes it easier for all users, including you.

However, the sophistication of the technology is also inseparable from the presence of disturbances, such as bugs or errors.

So don’t be surprised if many Android users often look for tutorials to solve problems like that on the internet.

Reportedly, this bug also applies not only to a number of large applications, but also to other light applications.

This bug will basically keep the notification bar from appearing on the screen even if the app is in full screen mode.

While most users can solve this kind of problem by closing and re-opening the application, some fail as well.

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Because this method will depend on the application they use. So what’s the cause?

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Causes of Bugs

Before knowing how to fix Android 11 bugs, it’s a good idea to know what causes them.

Because the emergence of this bug can create problems on smartphones, including damage from minor to severe.

One of the reasons is because users often download applications and files carelessly.

Because now there are lots of applications that contain viruses that can cause bugs suddenly.

In addition, the emergence of bugs on Android can also appear because the device is very old. So that bugs can appear by themselves, because there is damage to the device system itself.

Not only that, the occurrence of bugs due to frequent clicking on links carelessly, can even bring viruses on your cellphone.

So before everything is done, it’s better if you are even more careful when surfing the internet.

Close the App and Restart

Since Android 11 launched, it’s no wonder that many users often find out how to solve Android 11 bugs.

This is because there are some users who find that the application does not fill the cellphone screen completely.

As a result, gamers who use their devices in landscape mode often find game elements disconnected by the status bar.

So that makes the gameplay impossible. Even Google users themselves have shared problems like this since the release of Android 11 beta.

But Google did nothing because it couldn’t replicate the problem.

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However, now there are some users who can solve this problem by closing the app and then restarting it again.

However, it is possible that Google will fix the problem soon.

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How to get rid of bugs

For how to solve Android 11 bugs, it never hurts to get rid of it yourself. Things you can do because of the assumption that the bug on the cellphone arises from the installed application.

This means that you can update these applications, especially those that don’t run smoothly as usual. So after updating the application, don’t forget to restart your phone.

If a bug on your cellphone causes a very serious problem, then inevitably you have to do a factory reset.

While it leaves the extra task of resetting the phone, it’s a powerful way to fix bugs.

Not only that, installing an antivirus is also one of the tips to protect your cellphone from bugs. Make sure first that you install this full-featured antivirus application.

So how to solve this Android 11 bug you can do by using the antivirus application. (R10/HR-Online)