How to Bring Up Missing Menu in Microsoft Office


There was a funny story yesterday when a friend asked me to help him with a solution, namely the missing menu in Microsoft Office. Even until re-installed microsoft office. The result?. Still the same menu in the office is still missing. How can that be?.

The menu that my friend is referring to is the ribbon menu from office like this

13313/12.10305″> After I checked the office, it turned out that when I clicked on the top of the office, the ribbon menu appeared. I was thinking maybe it’s auto hide ribbon. It’s similar to auto hide taskbar on windows.

It’s true that what makes the menu disappear in Office is the active auto hide ribbon feature. Yes, maybe my friend unconsciously clicks on the auto hide menu.

How to Show and Hide the Ribbon Menu in Office

  1. Press menu on the top right and select Ribbon Display Options
  2. Choose this option

    The first
    to auto hide, the 2nd
    just show the menu name
    the 3rd to show everything

  3. Done

So what my friend has to choose is the 3rd option to bring up the missing menu in microsoft office.

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