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How to share photos faster than ever on Instagram


Instagram has added a feature that is already one of our favorites. It allows you to share content with your friends quickly and it works like this.

Instagram is a social network that is constantly being updated to add new features. In this trick we want to talk about a tool that the platform has recently integrated, and that goes completely unnoticed If someone doesn’t tell you it’s there.

Specifically, it is a function that comes to make it easier for the user to share published photos and videos with your most frequent contacts. If you use Instagram with some frequency, surely you usually share the occasional publication of other users with friends or acquaintances whom you follow to discuss it together.

Until now, you had to click on the “Share” button, access the contact list and from there choose the recipients, who receive the content in their direct messages. Thanks to this new hidden trick, you can share photos faster than ever using that same share button. Let’s see what it consists of.

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Use this trick to share photos faster on Instagram.

How to share photos faster on Instagram

Not all Instagram updates are big, there are some that come to integrate apparently less important functions, but they can be keys to user experience. That happens with this new tool that we are talking about, which comes to make it easier for the user to share content from other accounts with their most frequent contacts. Specifically, the function has the four users with whom you talk the most by direct message.

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This tool has already been integrated into the Instagram app for Android and also for iOS. In fact, we have been able to test it and has become one of our favorites of the platform. This is how you can use it:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Access the post you want to share with a user.
  3. Long press the “Share” buttonrepresented by a kite icon, to display a small window with the profile photos of the four accounts with which you interact the most.
  4. Without stopping pressing on the screen, swipe to the photo of that account you want to share with the content. By doing this, you will directly send the post to them.

Instagram has a new hidden trick: so you can share photos faster than ever

That’s how easy and fast it is to share Instagram posts, whether they are yours or from other accounts, with the users with whom you talk the most through private messages. If the function has not yet arrived on your mobile, you just have to wait to receive it. Remember it’s important keep the Instagram app up to date for these news to reach you. To make it easier, you can make apps update automatically.

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