How to Fix POCO X3 NFC Automatic Yellowing Screen


At the end of this year Xiaomi kicked off the Indonesian market with a smartphone that they labeled with the tagline “The real midrange killer”, POCO X3 NFC. Imagine for a price of 3 million you can get a Full HD + screen with the best frame rate in its class, 120Hz. Is there a brand next door that gives such a high frame rate?. I don’t think so. In addition to the screen, other hardware specifications also make smartphone lovers shake their heads. 64 Mp main camera from Sony, Stereo Speaker, Jumbo 5160 mAh battery. Less let alone try?. No wonder this cellphone has now earned the nickname “GHOIB” HP, because it’s been a few flashsales that always run out and many do not get it. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones to get it, especially since I got the 8 Gb RAM version with 128 Gb storage which is a rarity.

How to Fix POCO X3 NFC Automatic Yellowing Screen

After using it for almost a month now I am complaining if POCO X3’s screen turns yellow by itself. Initially I still think that if it looks normal yellowing of the screen because the screen POCO NFC X3 has been granted a certificate T Ã œV Rheinland. Once I was browsing what T Ã œV Rheinland reinforce my contention if the screen is normal. Yes essentially T Ã œV Rheinland reduces blue light radiation.

Try if you are the owner of POCO X3 NFC to open an HDR video, just type “HDR” in the youtube search field. Later, the screen will automatically turn yellow. But if the video is closed, the screen returns to normal. So it looks normal right?.

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But in reality it’s not, when I was browsing using the CHROME application and wanted to Copy and Paste, suddenly the screen turned yellow too. Even after I closed the chrome, the color was still yellow (the color turned pale, it’s not good to look at). So from here I did not feel normal.

Previously I had ever read posts that complained digroup yellow color automatically, as I said before, I consider normal for T Ã œV Rheinland it. Before I had the same problem on my POCO X3 NFC. The screen turned yellow.

Finally I opened the group, there really is a solution. But I think it’s only temporary. They suggest to uninstall chrome app updates. I don’t think it’s a solution. Because I am the type of person who always wants the most up to date applications. There are also those who suggest restarting the HP. I have to restart my cellphone every time I experience a yellow screen.

I thought that if I opened YouTube HDR and closed it again, the screen would return to normal. I did the same when my screen turned yellow. It’s “Successful”. But, yes, it has to be like this all the time if the screen turns yellow.

Yes, the yellowing of the screen only exists in two conditions, namely playing youtube HDR and copying it in the chrome application. For YouTube, I don’t have a problem because current content (especially in Indonesia) rarely has HDR. Even if there is HDR, if the video is closed, it will return to normal again. But if I copy it using chrome, I find it very annoying because I have to open chrome every day. Yes, if the chrome application is closed, the screen returns to normal. It didn’t even make the color pale in all applications. Even after removing the chrome background it’s still yellowing.

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But luckily I found a way to fix screen yellowing on my own on POCO X3 NFC

How to Fix Yellowing Screen on POCO X3 NFC

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the search web address, type chrome://flags and press Enter
    How to Fix POCO Automatic Yellowing Screen X3 NFCHow to Fix POCO X3 NFC Auto Yellowing Screen

    Please now try again to copy and paste in chrome. I guarantee it won’t turn yellow on its own.

    Yes, hopefully POCO will get a software update. Because I’m sure this is just a BUG.

    Owh yes soon I will UBL / Unlock BootLoader my POCO. I intend to install TWRP, replace my pride ROM (, and definitely root. Because I want to open a frame rate of 90 Hz. Look forward to the continuation on this blog, 🙂