How to remove your personal data from Google


How to remove your personal data from Google

In recent years, doxing has become a very important problem on the Internet. More and more people are suffering from the illicit use of their personal informationand unfortunately Google contributes to this problem. Why? Well, because its powerful search engine has improved enough so that you can find personal data of an individual if they have been uploaded to the network.

Fortunately, Google is expanding its user data protection policies. This is how they have added a function that allows you remove your personal information from search results. Do you want to learn how to use it? Well, we’ll explain right away.

How to remove your personal data from Google

Avoid doxing so you can delete all your personal information from Google

You may have searched for your name in the Google search engine out of curiosity and you have come across personal information you don’t want everyone to see. On the other hand, you may also find yourself here if you are experiencing doxing issues or some kind of phishing scam.

Well, just as we already taught you how to delete your photos from the Google search engine, now we explain how you can remove your personal data that can be used for fraudulent purposes. And actually, it’s much easier than it seems, all you have to do is enter the link that we leave below and fill out the form that Google has created for this request.

Link | Request that my personal information be removed from Google

Now, surely you must be wondering… What kind of personal information can I request to be removed from Google’s search engine? Well, the following:

  • Identity document or DNI.
  • Bank account and credit card numbers.
  • Images of handwritten signatures.
  • Very personal, restricted, and official documents, such as medical records.
  • Personal contact information (physical addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses).
  • Sensitive login credentials.
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By filling out this application, Google will check your identity and assess whether the content you want to delete is sensitive to threats, incitement or fraudulent use. And, in case you are suspicious of how the big G manages your data, here is a tutorial on how to delete your Gmail account.