How to remove or put birthdays in Google calendar


put your birthday on google calendar

Do you forget people’s birthdays? Me too. The truth is that, if it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t know about my friends’ birthdays or those of some relatives, even. Yes indeed, Facebook is not a reliable source. There are many people who registered on Facebook with a false date of birth and, moreover, surely not everyone you know is active on this social network.

The best way to remember all the birthdays of your loved ones is by using a calendar app that keeps track of them for you. If you have an Android, you don’t even have to download an application for it, since Google Calendar (the calendar app that comes pre-installed on almost all Android devices) allows you to save birthdays so you never forget to congratulate to your friends and family.

Here’s how to add or remove birthdays in Google Calendar in every possible way.

How to put a birthday on Google calendar

add birthdays in google contacts

Google calendar exports birthdays from the app google contacts. Therefore, all the people you have in your contacts with the added birthday will appear in the Google calendar automatically, as long as you are using the same account in both apps.



For example, to put a person’s birthday on your Google calendar that you don’t have in your contacts, follow these steps:

  • Open the app of contacts.
  • Push the button “+ยป in the lower right corner.
  • Add your basic data (first name, last name, etc.). You do not need to enter your phone number or email.
  • Go to the bottom and press on more fields.
  • In the box Important dateEnter the person’s birthday date.
    • Make sure the selected tag is Birthday.
  • Lastly, tap on Keep.
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Ready! Do the same for all the birthdays you want to add. In case you already have a contact created for a person, you just have to select it in the Google Contacts app and press on edit contact to add your birthday.

display birthdays in google calendar

Once you have added all the birthdays of your acquaintances in the contacts app, go to the Google calendar to see them like this:

  • Open the google calendar.
  • Touch the button of the three horizontal stripes which are in the upper left corner.
  • In the menu, make sure to check the boxes events and Birthday.

That’s it! Now you can see the birthdays in the calendar. What’s more, when someone’s birthday is near, Google will remind you and suggest that you contact him via email, text, or phone.

Can Facebook birthdays be added to Google calendar?

Yes, and it’s easier than you think. Of course, this can only be done from a computer. So go to your PC and follow these steps to export your Facebook friends’ birthdays to Google Calendar:

  • Go into Facebook with your account.
  • On the main page, click on events.
  • Choose the option Birthday which is on the left side.
  • Finally, copy the url or link of that section of Facebook in which you are at the moment.
  • Now, open the Google calendar in the browser. You may need to sign in with your Google account.
  • Press the “+” button Add more calendars (It’s in the bottom left of the screen.)
  • Select the option from a URL.
  • Next, paste the link you copied from your Facebook in the “Calendar URL” box.
  • Finally, tap on add calendar and that’s it.
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In this way, birthdays will be added as one more date in your main calendar, as long as this Facebook calendar that you just added is activated. If this method did not work for you, We recommend you add the birthdays one by one, link by link, until you add them all. It’s a tedious thing to do, but it works.

By the way, Facebook birthdays they should sync with your google calendar automatically with this trick (if you add a new friend to Facebook, their birthday will be added to the calendar), although we have not been able to confirm this.

Can you put birthdays in the Google calendar without the Contacts app?

Of course yes. You will only have to add it manually as one more event on your calendar in this way:

  • Open the app of google calendar on your mobile.
  • Push the button “+” from the lower right corner.
  • Select the option events.
  • Title something like this: Birthday of [Nombre de la persona].
  • Next, add the birthday date.
  • Change the “Does not repeat” option to “Every year”.
  • Finally, you can add a description and a color to the event, set a notification so that Google reminds you days or minutes before the dateadd a location and even attach a file.

Thus, the birthday will be attached to your Google calendar without having to use the Google Contacts app for it. The bad thing about this method is that Google will not personalize the event as a birthday (it will not suggest that you congratulate it via message, call, etc.).

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How to remove birthdays in Google calendar

delete birthdays in google calendar

If a person has sneaked into your Google calendar whose birthday you don’t want to remember for whatever reason, you should do the following:

  • Enter the application google contacts.
  • Find the contact in question and select it.
  • tap on edit contact.
  • Go down as far as I say “Important Date” / “Birthday”.
  • Next to these options will appear a “X”. Press it to delete the birthday date.
  • Ready! press on Keep and exit the app to check in the Google calendar that the birthday no longer appears.

Alternatively, if the birthday is added as a normal event, you can go directly to Google calendar and open it from there to remove it. At the top right you will see a button with three vertical dots that will offer you the option to Delete the birthday. That easy!

oh! And keep in mind that it is not necessary to delete all the birthdays if you do not want to see them. Simply open the Google calendar side menu and turn off the Birthday options so they don’t appear.