How to Remove Headset Icon Won’t Lose on Smartphone

7 – Are you experiencing the sound of your cellphone not coming out and the headset icon always appears even though you’re not using a headset?. Don’t panic first because your audio jack hole is not necessarily damaged. So how do you get rid of the stubborn headset icon? To remove the headset icon, it depends on what kind of problem caused your cellphone to appear with a headset icon.

 How to Remove Headset Icon Won't Disappear on Smartphone

Why Headset Icon Always Appears On Phone

Here are some reasons why headset icon always appears on cellphone.

  1. Using a headset whose jack size is too big for the phone hole
  2. Plug in the headset jack with active speakers (this is likely to damage the IC)
  3. The headset plug is exposed to water / moisture
  4. Using headphones too much

How to get rid of the headset icon when not using a headset

  1. Insert and remove the headset plug
  2. Try trying to put the headset in and out of the audio jack. Do this step until the headset icon disappears. If it doesn’t disappear, go to the next method

  3. Clean the Headset Hole with a Cotton bud
  4. Please clean the headset hole with a cotton bud. Who knows a lot of dust or the plug condenses.

  5. Download the Headset Toggle app on Playstore
  6. This last step is the most effective step, which is to leave it to the experts, aka to a cellphone repairman.
  7. Why repair a cellphone repairman?. Because surely your cellphone IC is damaged. Why do you know? If I observe the problem that the headset icon does not disappear, it is because of the frequent plugging of active speakers in the headset hole which causes a short circuit and damages the IC.

That’s how to get rid of stubborn headset icon

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