How to remove Continue Watching from Netflix on Android TV


remove continue watching netflix android tv

Like other platforms, Netflix is ​​designed to keep you in an endless cycle of consumption of content. As soon as you finish watching something, the service already has the next dish ready. In addition, there is also the famous “Keep watching” list, the one that shows you all the series or movies that you left in the middle and that it is not sure that you want to finish.

However, this vicious circle can be broken in some way, since the content stack in “Continue Watching” can be reduced by removing titles from the mobile app and from the web version. In the case of smart TVs this was a bit limited, but no more. we show you How to remove the “Continue Watching” from Netflix on Android TV.

Remove titles from the Netflix “Continue Watching” list on your Smart TV

We all have a lot of series or movies on Netflix that we haven’t finished watching. The platform reminds us every time we open it, they pile up one after another and that can be a bit annoying. The reason? We don’t necessarily want to finish them, but rather we want to throw them into oblivion and for this we only have two ways out: finish watching them or manually remove them from the “Continue watching” list.

As we mentioned above, the Netflix mobile app and the web version have been able to do this for a long time, and now they are joined by the android tv app. The process to follow is very similar, only with some modifications due to interface issues. What should you do on your Smart TV to delete the series or movies from the “Continue watching” list? This:

  1. Select the series or movie that you want to delete from the list.
  2. Go to the information section of that title.
  3. Browse until you find the “Remove from continue watching” option and select it.
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It’s that easy, only three steps. And if you happen to do it by mistake or regret it, Netflix gives you the opportunity to undo this setting for a few seconds. By the way, it’s a change will be applied on all devices where your Netflix account is open, so you won’t have to repeat it individually.


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