How to Remove Ads on MIUI (Xiaomi & Poco)


How to Remove Ads on MIUI all Xiaomi and Poco The easiest way – Feeling annoyed with ads on your MIUI cellphone? If so, let’s see how to get rid of ads in the following MIUI. MIUI is an Android skin developed by Xiaomi. This Android skin has developed into several versions until now.

Why does Xiaomi present advertisements in the MIUI interface that have the potential to annoy users. Xiaomi as a company limits profits to only 5%. The policy of taking minimal profits on hardware led Xiaomi to look for other ways to make a profit. Several ways are done by Xiaomi, such as offering add-ons, additional services, premium themes, and advertisements that appear on the MIUI interface.

How to Remove Ads on MIUI (Xiaomi & Poco)

Although MIUI is always developing all the time, there are some things that don’t change from it. One of them is the presence of advertisements or ads in it.

How to Remove Ads on MIUI (Xiaomi & Poco)

I am sure, that the majority of MIUI users are annoyed by the presence of MIUI ads. Usually, ads will appear on System, Mi Music, Mi Security, Cleaner, and other apps.

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Fortunately, MIUI presents a way to disable these ads. So if you want to disable ads in MIUI, then see how to get rid of ads in MIUI below.

Disable MSA (MIUI System Ads)

To disable MSA in the MIUI System app, see the methods below.
  • Open MIUI Settings.
  • Tap the ‘Additional Settings’ menu.
  • Tap the option ‘Authorization & Revocation.’
  • Scroll down and turn off the toggle ‘msa.’
  • Tap the menu ‘Revoke in the pop-up.’

Disable ads on Google Play Store MIUI

how to get rid of ads on the Play Store Apk
  • Install any app from Play Store Apk, after installing it then switch to another screen (scanning)> Settings (Right top corner)> Deactivate “Receive recommendations”.

Remove Ads from App Lock

how to remove ads in App Lock
  • Open MIUI Settings.
  • Open “App Lock.”
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Turn off the toggle ‘Receive Recommendations.’

Remove Ads in Mi File Manager App

  • Open Mi File Explorer.
  • Tap on the 3 dots symbol in Mi File Explorer
  • On the ‘About’ page, turn off the toggle ‘Recommendations.’
  • Switch to the ‘Ad Services’ page.
  • Turn off the toggle ‘Personalized Ad Recommendations.’
  • After that go to the ‘Settings’ page.
  • Turn off the toggle ‘Receive Recommendations.’

Deactivate Advertising Identifier

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap the ‘Additional Settings’ menu.
  • After that, tap the menu ‘Privacy> Ad Services.’
  • Turn off the toggle ‘Use Advertising Identifier.’

Disabling Ads on Mi Themes

  • Open the Mi Themes app
  • Select the Account menu
  • Select Settings
  • Deactivate Recommendations

Disabling Ads on Mi Security

  • Open Mi Security
  • Tap settings
  • Look for Recommendations, disable it
  • Return to the app settings menu
  • Select Cleaner
  • Disable Recommendations
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Homescreen Folders ads

  • Select the folder for which you want to disable ads.
  • Hold down the folder, as if you were going to rename it.
  • The ad section will appear then select turn off.

Disabling Ads on Download App

  • Open the Download app
  • Tap the hamburger menu on the top left corner
  • Select Settings
  • Disable Show Recommended Content

Removing Ads in Mi Browser

  • Open the Mi Browser app.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu in Mi Browser.
  • Next, tap the menu ‘Advanced> Card Settings.’
  • Turn off the toggle ‘Recommend for You.’
Apart from this method, the easiest way to avoid ads in the default browser is not to use the default browser. You only need to use other browsers such as Google Chrome, UC browser, Firefox, Opera, and others.

Disabling Ads on Mi Music App

  • Open the Mi Music app.
  • Tap the menu ‘Settings> Advanced Settings.’
  • Disable the toggle ‘Reccomendations.’

Remove Ads by Changing Location

Another way to keep your devices from showing ads is to change the location. Let’s just say, your Xiaomi devcies is located in “Indonesia or India”. Well, you can simply change this location. How to? Here’s how to change locations.
  • Enter the “settings” section
  • Go to the “additional settings” section
  • After that, select the option “Location”
  • Change “Location” to Spain or France.
  • After that, “restart” your phone.
That’s how to get rid of ads on Xiaomi and Poco devices. Hopefully this method helps you overcome the presence of advertisements on this device. After doing all the methods above, advertisements that appear on MIUI can be minimized or even removed, thereby improving the user experience of Xiaomi devices.


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