How to put a custom profile picture on Netflix


Put custom profile picture on Netflix

Do you want to give your Netflix account a unique style? Well, then this note could interest you, why? because there is a small trick that allows you to upload a personalized profile image to Netflix.

Thanks to an extension for Google Chromeany user who has a Netflix account can change their profile picture for a fully personalized one.

Even, WhatsApp GIFS and stickers can be usedas this extension is compatible with various image formats.

How to put a custom profile picture on Netflix?

Before we explain what you have to do to be able to upload a custom photo to your Netflix profileit is essential that you download the extension for Chrome called “Custom profile picture for Netflix” (you can download it from the link below).

Link | Download extension for Chrome

With the extension already downloaded and installed in Chrome, you must follow all these steps which we show you below:

  • Go to the Netflix website and sign in with your account. Once you’re inside the screen “Who is watching now?”, You will have to click on the extensions icon (top right of the screen).
  • Therefore, you will have to choose the extension that you have downloaded and installed: “Custom profile picture for Netflix”.
  • Select the profile to which you want to change the photo.
  • Once the profile is selected, you must click on “Select image”.
  • Upload the photo you want have that profile.
  • If you followed all the steps to the letter, you will be able to see the personalized profile photo that you have uploaded to Netflix.
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It is worth mentioning that, like the Chrome extension that skips Netflix intros automatically, this one that we show you here will not steal your data, nor will it cause your account to be suspended.

Yes indeed, your new profile picture will only be displayed on the computer where you have the extension installed. In other words, if you use Netflix on a Smart TV, the custom photo you uploaded will not appear.

Finally, if you use Netflix on your Android phone or tablet and want to do this trick, you’ll have to follow the tutorial in which we explain how to install Chrome extensions on Android.


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