How to preview attachments in WhatsApp


How to preview attachments in WhatsApp

Do you get many documents by WhatsApp? If so, this is sure to confuse you a lot, since you can’t know what was sent to you until you open the file. But, why is this happening to you? Well, why don’t you have activated the preview of documents sent to you in the Meta app.

And it is possible have a preview with images of the files in WhatsApp. Therefore, it is possible to know the content of the photos or videos that your colleagues send you as attachments in this application. Do you want to know more about the function? Then stay on the web and discover the details of this WhatsApp improvement!

How to use the preview of attachments in WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp attachment preview

There are many differences between Android WhatsApp and iPhone WhatsApp. One of the most important is that on iOS you can’t send photos or videos without losing quality when sharing the content as a document.

But this function had a big “snag”. Please note that WhatsApp nothing else showed the name and type of file you sent. That is why the tool was not 100% perfect.

Fortunately, the app added the images that serve as a preview of the attached documents. In this way, WhatsApp improves the function a lot.

In the following photo, you can see the difference between a file without preview and a document that does have it. The advantage of the preview is obvious!

Difference between attachments with and without WhatsApp preview

And how can you add the preview to your attachments? Well, it is not necessary to activate a setting in the app, since you only have to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile. In case you don’t know how to do it, go through this article and learn how to update your apps manually on Google Play.

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After this, you must Follow the same steps you apply to send photos without losing quality on WhatsApp or Telegram. In the list that you will see below we detail the process:

  • Open one of your chat.
  • Click on the clip icon and press the option “Document”.
  • choose the photo what do you want to send.
  • And that’s it, when the file is sent you will realize that it includes the preview! Definitely, this is one of the best tricks to use WhatsApp like a pro.

Send WhatsApp attachments with preview image

Doesn’t the preview appear even though you updated the application? Then you should download whatsappbeta. With this version of the app you can have this function and all the news of WhatsApp before anyone else!