How to play Wordle several times in the same day


Wordle, the trendy game, leaves you wanting more by challenging you with just one word a day. With this simple trick you can play more than once a day.

It is the fashionable game, the one that thousands of users talk about on social networks to comment on whether they have got the result right or, on the contrary, today they have not had the best day in guessing the keyword. We are referring to Wordle, a daily game in which you have to guess the hidden word in just six attempts. It has also happened to me: once I started playing, I just wanted spend my whole day just guessing words.

However, there is one key difference that separates Wordle from other addictive games: there is only one daily challenge. When I discovered it, I started looking for sections in the game itself that would allow me to play the words of previous days, but it is not possible. However, there is another method that allows play Wordle several times in the same day, and in this article we explain it to you. If you like solving these mysteries in the form of words as much as I do, you will love knowing him to continue improving your technique.

How to play Wordle more than once a day in an easy way

wordle solved mobile

Learn to play Wordle several times a day with this simple trick.

It started out as an English-only game, but soon became popular in Spanish thanks to the version of Daniel Rodríguez, known as Daniel FRG. In fact, the success of this game is such that even Google has created an Easter egg in the search engine as a tribute. Unfortunately, the inconvenience that we all find when playing the game is that we can only solve one word per day.

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That’s what we thought at the beginning, because you only have to investigate a little to discover several methods that allow us to play Wordle more than once a day. The first of them is give games like Wordle a trysince in the Google Play Store there are free games of similar names that they have the same operation.

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Another alternative to playing Wordle several times in the same day is to use the Wordle Multilanguagea website where you can find words in 12 different languages. If you master any beyond Spanish, you just have to dare to give this interesting version a chance. In my case, I usually try it also in English, a good way to refresh my knowledge of this language. Sometimes the word to solve is easy, so you don’t always have to have a great command of the language to guess it.

The best thing about this Wordle Multilanguage is that every day it is renewed with words of 5, 6 and 7 letters, that is, you have to solve three daily challenges. Therefore, if we add that it is available in several languages, with this version you can play several times a day without having to resort to other applications. Eye, you can play so much from the mobile as well as from the computer.

Playing Wordle on a smartphone

You can also play Wordle in English.

Finally, there is another option to play Wordle more than once a day. Is named Wordle Archive and, as we can guess from its name, it is a file that collects all the word puzzles that have been published Until now. This version, developed by Devang Thakkar, is updated every day to add the latest word of the game. As you can see if you enter the web, the Wordle it’s in english.

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While we wait for a Wordle in Spanish to come out that brings together all the words that have appeared to date, you can go practicing your english with this Wordle Archive. On the date these words are written, there are 234 words waiting for you to guess, all of them 5 letters. You only have to use the upper buttons to go from one word to another, go directly to the last or the first, or display a menu where you can choose the specific number.

In short, to play Wordle several times a day, you can download other similar applications on your mobile, use Wordle Multilanguage and, lastly, try Wordle Archive. One way or another, everyone will allow you develop your skills for show your friends that you are the best in this game.

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