How to play Wordle for free (forever) and without the Internet


play wordle free forever without internet

Wordle is the game of the moment on the Internet, especially via Twitter where millions of users seek support to overcome their daily challenges. It is a free game for browsers that fascinates everyone equally, but its recent purchase by the New York Times has more than one player worried. Will Wordle become paid? We do not know, but if it happens you must be prepared. How? Learning how to play Wordle for free (forever) and without the Internet.

Wordle can be downloaded to your computer and continue to work offline

how to play wordle offline forever

The purchase of Wordle by the New York Times generated a lot of memes on social networks, but also concern among users. The reason? Simple, nobody knows what the plans of this newspaper are for the game, because could turn it into a paid servicein an additional feature available only to your subscribers or even leave it accessible only from your platform.

There is also the option that they do nothing and you can continue playing Wordle for free from their page, but the community is already taking action. Proof of this is in the finding made by the tweeter Aaron Rikewho discovered a method for you to play wordle free forever offline and no matter what the NYT does. According to Rieke himself:

“Wordle is a small game that runs completely in the browser. The daily words are in the code, in a giant list; there are thousands of them. So you can save a copy of the web page right now, disconnect your computer from the Internet, and keep playing Wordle every day for years to come.”

How is this possible? Because all of Wordle is sandwiched between an HTML file and some more JavaScript. Also, the code includes words up to 2024so you will have a long time of enjoyment.

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How to download Wordle on your computer or mobile to play it offline

how to download wordle on your computer for free

Is the download process as simple as this Twitter user claims? Let us tell you yes, because it only consists of save a copy of Wordle web on your computer and ready. In fact, it’s so effective that you can even use a backup from services like the Internet Archive or Google’s cache.

Does it work with different versions of Wordle? Yes, both in the original (English) and in the Wordle editions in Spanish and Catalan. Does it work on mobile? Apparently some browsers have problems saving or playing the game once you download it, but we will show you a trick to play Wordle on Android. What steps should you follow?

how to play free wordle offline

  1. Open the Wordle web with your favorite browser on your computer.
  2. Once the page loads, right click anywhere to display the context menu.
  3. Press “Save As” and choose somewhere in your storage to download the page.
  4. An HTML file and some additional ones will be saved on your PC which contain all the Wordle code. You can always move the game wherever you want, as long as you don’t forget to move all the files.
  5. To play on each device, just do the following:
    • In the computer: run the HTML file and you will be able to play offline without any problem.
    • on your mobile– Copy the Wordle files to your mobile storage, run the HTML and enjoy.

Any additional notes? Too you can download Wordle from your mobile browser following very similar steps, but it doesn’t seem to work every time. Thus, it is best to download the game on your computer and then migrate it to your smartphone.

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