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GridGames.ID – This year, Wordle managed to become the best-selling casual game on social media.

Last January, the Wordle game was recorded to have more than 2.7 million players and became one of the most popular word game games.

For those of you who don’t know, Wordle is a casual game based on word games.

This game requires players to guess a secret word consisting of 5 letters, where pemain has 6 tries to guess the hidden word.

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The popularity of this Wordle game made a Genshin Impact fan develop a Wordle game based on the Genshin Impact game.

The developer, whose real identity is unknown, created the Wordle game which contains terms from the Genshin Impact game.

He called the combined game Wordle and Genshin Impact with the name Primordle.

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Then, how to play Primordle game? See the explanation on the next page.

How to Play Primordle Game

The way to play the Primordle game is exactly the same as the Wordle game. However, the secret word given is related to the game Genshin Impact.

So, players have to match word guesses with terms in Genshin Impact.

Each time players write a guess, they will be given a clue which letter in the guess is included in the secret word component.

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Wordle’s in-game clues take the form of green, yellow, and gray signals.

The green hint means that the letters in the player’s guess have been correct and are in the correct position.

The yellow color means that the letter in the player’s guess is correct but is in the wrong position.

The color gray means that a letter has been used but is not present in the word structure.

How to play Primordle game

How to play Primordle game

If the player fails to guess the word in 6 attempts, then the game ends and the player is considered lost.

After that, the player will be told a secret word that the player must guess.

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Primordle games can be played on laptops, PCs, Android, and iOS without installing an application.

You only need to visit the paimordle.vercel.app site to play the Primordle game directly.

How about GridGames friends, ready to test your knowledge about the world of Genshin Impact by playing Primordle?

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