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How to play DOOM from the browser without downloading anything


play doom from androidphoria without downloading anything

The original DOOM (from 1993) is not only known for being one of the best shooters in history, but also for being an Internet meme. the game is so light and not very demanding in terms of resources who have managed to run it successfully even on a calculator with a battery of potatoes. While these weird ways to play DOOM are pretty awesome, they’re totally impractical if you really want to beat the game from start to finish.

The easiest and fastest way to play DOOM today is through the browser of your PC or mobile, since you don’t have to download it, install it, configure it or anything like that. You literally just open a page and the game is ready to play. In fact, from this Androidphoria article that you are visiting you can play DOOM. Take a look below!

Play the original DOOM for free and without downloading it!

As you can see, it is possible to play a fully functional JavaScript-based version of DOOM, without leaving this article thanks to the DOS.Zone web app. The controls to play from your PC vary, but they are usually these:

  • The arrows on the keyboard to move.
  • Enter to accept the game options.
  • esc to exit an option.
  • Crtl or Alt to shoot.
  • Space to open doors.

If you are going to play on a tablet or smartphone, press the mobile icon at the top to activate the touch buttons. And if you press the floppy button, you will be able to save your game along with the settings you have made in the browser.

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However, keep in mind that this version of the game may not work on older phones.

You can also play other classic DOS games from this same website

If you haven’t noticed yet, in the top bar of the game there is an option called Games. If you press it and then select “DOS.Zone”, you will be able to access the complete collection of almost 2000 classic DOS system games that are available in DOS.Zone, without having to leave Androidphoria. You will find other classics like DOOM II (the one played by the Twitch rat), Prince of Persia, the first Need for Speed, the first GTA, the first Mortal Kombat, Bomberman and many more.

In case you prefer to play all these games from an app and not from the browser, we invite you to download the DOS.Zone app for Android with the next box. The experience will be the same, but in an app format.

DOS.Zone Browser