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How to pass videos on TikTok with just your voice


How to play TikTok videos with just your voice

Suppose you are exercising, you want to watch videos on TikTok and you can’t use your hands, what would you do in this case? Well, what anyone would do: don’t use the application because it doesn’t have any type of function so that the videos play by themselves.

And if we tell you that there is a little trick that allows you to play videos on TikTok with just your voice. Well, thanks to the magic of technology, anyone can play videos on TikTok without having to use their hands.

What is needed to make this a reality? Not much, since all you need is to have an app called Voice Access installed on mobile.

So you can pass the videos on TikTok only with your voice

Before we show you how to swipe up or down videos on TikTok using your voice, it is essential that you download and install Voice Access on your Android mobile (link below).

Link | Download VoiceAccess

With the application already installed on your phone, you will have to follow this tutorial:

Grant Android Voice Access Permissions

  • Open the Voice Access app from your mobile.
  • Click on the option that says “Accept”.
  • press on “Voice Access” to grant you the necessary permission.
  • Click on the button next to “Use the service”.
  • Give the option that says “Let”.

Use Voice Access on an Android phone

  • Click on the little “X” that appears at the top left of the screen.
  • Reopen Voice Access and say the next word out loud: “Help”.
  • Choose the option that says “Detect commands when the screen is on”, and then click on “Continue”.
  • press on “Let”.
  • Enter the section that says “Plus”.

Scroll TikTok videos with your voice

  • Verify that the following commands are enabled: “Scroll up” Y “Scroll down”.
  • Open TikTok and use those commands to be able to pass the video, or return to a previous one.
  • To skip video you just have to say “Scroll down”.
  • To go back to a previous video you have to say “Scroll up”.

Remember that every time you want to play TikTok videos using your voice, you will have to open the Voice Access app. With nothing more to add about it, We leave you another trick that could help you, which one? The one that lets you find the videos you’ve recently watched on TikTok.

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