How to mute photography on iPhone simply and quickly


The fact that the phone is constantly “separating” when taking photos with an iPhone is extremely annoying for those who are sensitive to noise. So is there a way to turn off the shutter sound on iPhone? Phat Thanh Store will help you solve this with the instructions below!

Follow all the tips and tricks on Phat Thanh Store to not miss any useful tech tips! Discover 7 easy ways to mute iPhone photography below

7 easiest ways to mute iPhone photography

1. Turn down the iPhone phone volume

You can also turn off the iPhone camera sound by turning down the phone volume. To make the phone not make a sound when taking a photo, we can reduce the volume of the smartphone before launching the camera application according to the following instructions:

1.1. Please use the hard button

To use the physical button to mute the iPhone when taking a photo, you need to press and hold the volume down button located on the left side of the entire body => Then pull your hand back until the volume of the device is low. best.

How to mute iPhone photography

1.2. Using Control Center

The second way you can turn off the iPhone camera sound is by using the Control Center (aka Control Center).

  • For iPhone 8 Plus and earlier: swipe up from the bottom to open the Control Center interface.
  • For iPhone X series and later: You open the Control Center by pulling down from the right corner of the notch on the device screen. When you get to the Control Center section; drag the volume bar on the right to the lowest level; and you are ready.
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How to mute iPhone photography

2. Use the volume bar to turn on silent mode

To turn off iPhone photography sound easily and quickly; Turn on silent mode immediately. All you have to do is slide the mute switch down above the volume button on your device and you’re good to go.

Although, this way to mute iPhone photography also makes the smartphone mute when there is an incoming call as well as a message; or notifications received in the application. So don’t forget to re-enable this button after we’re done taking pictures to turn on the phone’s sound again so as not to miss our important information.

How to mute iPhone photography

3. Turn on Live Photo mode when taking pictures

In addition to the above useful ways, you can also add the option to turn off the sound when taking iPhone photos with another cool trick; that is Enable Live Photo mode. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. First, go to Settings on your phone’s home screen

Step 2. Click on the Camera section -> Click on the Save settings section

How to mute iPhone photography

Step 3. Then, Slide the activation bar next to the words Live Photo so that it turns green and you’re done

After enabling the Live Photo mode as above, go to the Camera application => Then the phone screen will display the Live Photo icon in the upper right corner of the screen (depending on the screen model) => You just Press this button to switch this mode on and off as needed. To be able to turn off the sound when taking a photo, you just need to turn on this Live Photo feature.

How to mute iPhone photography

4. Mute on iPhone by recording video

An international or locked iPhone number from Japan; Korea with KH /A and J/A codes on the back do not support. You can mute the sound when taking a photo by switching to silent mode; or mute as described above. These products allow users to use the method of both taking pictures; just recorded a video on the device so it doesn’t make any sound.

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How to mute on iPhone by recording video.

First, launch the Camera app on your iPhone => Press switch to video mode => Press the Record button
Right there in the lower right corner of the device screen will appear a round button; Now press this button. With a simple method like above; we were able to capture the moment the camera was capturing at that moment with extreme ease.

How to mute iPhone photography

5. Use AssistiveTouch to turn off the iPhone shutter sound

Next, I will guide you to use AssistiveTouch to turn off the sound when taking photos with your iPhone. The 3 steps are as follows:

Step 1. First, go to phone Settings => Tap Accessibility => Tap Touch -> Tap AssistiveTouch and turn it on.

How to mute iPhone photography

Step 2. Next, select the item “Customize the Highest Menu” => Then reduce the icons that appear on the AssistiveTouch key (For example, currently 4, 5, 6, only 1 decrease)

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Step 3. If there is only one icon on the left of the iPhone screen, click on it => Click on the words Mute / Mute and you’re done.

6. Take a photo while listening to music

One of the best tips on how to turn off camera sound on iPhone that I think will make it difficult for someone to take a photo while music is playing. All you have to do is play a song on your phone; and exit the application that is playing the sound (but the music is still open). Next, you launch the camera app on your iPhone; and then start taking pictures. With this approach there is no sound produced by the smartphone camera and of course; People around won’t hear your device.

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7. Plug in headphones when taking pictures

Finally, there is another way to mute the sound when taking pictures on iPhone using headphones. Just connect a wired headset; or wireless headset with your device before launching the camera app. Therefore, it is true that only you can hear the sound the camera makes when you take a picture.


In the above article, I have just shared with you 7 ways to mute photography on Iphone simple and fast. Hopefully with this article of Phat Thanh Store; you can comfortably take photos on your iPhone; without worrying about the sound it emits every time you live virtual. If you found the articles useful, please share them with everyone! Thank you for following the article!

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