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How to Merge Two Emojis on Google GBoard


droidsnipe.com, Jakarta – Google is preparing some new stickers in the Emoji Kitchen. These stickers are the result of combining emoji from one emoji with the characteristics of another emoji. These emoji combinations are created by Google based on the text and emojis you have sent.

Google prepared these emojis for laughs, but it’s up to you to come up with funny combinations.

Reporting from Phone Arena (13/5), Emojipedia has posted a tweet saying that Google has four new emojis to use in the Emoji Kitchen mash-up.

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The four newest emojis used in the Emoji Kitchen include Footprints, Cherry, Watermelon, and Rock.

As of this month, more than 400 emojis will have some support within the Emoji Kitchen and there are 20,000 possible combinations.

If you are curious and want to try using Emoji Kitchen. Let’s follow and see the following instructions:

1. First open your messaging app.

2. Then, tap the text bar to allow Gboard to appear.

3.After that, on the left of the spacebar, tap on the emoji icon.

4. Then select the icon to be your “basic” emoji.

5. Next, tap on the second emoji you want to add.

7. Select one of the cute mash-up options just below the text bar.

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Note, that gesture, people, and flag emoji are not supported for use by Emoji Kitchen.

One of the alleged reasons behind this restriction is that merging using emojis from when the category is considered offensive and/or insulting to certain people or countries.

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That’s how to use Emoji Kitchen. Hopefully useful and good luck!