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How to Make Japanese Keyboard Emoticons or Emojis on Android Using Google Keyboard

Emoticons or emojis are one way to show expressions made through short messages. Before the advent of social media, emojis even existed in texting services.

Now emoji or emoticons have various forms and characters. This is of course caused by technological advances that make it easier for users to create emojis.

Keyboard emoticons or Japanese emojis are now popular again, even though there are a lot of picture emoji that can be accessed. Emoji keyboard also has a lot of expressions that are certainly not inferior to the current picture emoji.

The Japanese Emoji provided on Google Keyboard is very complete when it comes to showing expressions. You can show happy expressions, love, smile, even classic expressions.

To access Google Keyboard, you need to download it first through the Play Store app. Here is a link to download the Google keyboard app to easily access Japanese emojis click HERE.

Emoticon keyboard available on emoji menu automatically eyes your device. Just click on the emoticon button and then search for the emoji that matches the expression you’re feeling.

However, there are other android-based applications that can manually create Japanese emojis. To do so, you need to download additional apps on your android to enjoy the platform.

Making Japanese emojis manually can be done through the Kamaoji app which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The application can be downloaded via the following link. CLICK HERE.

The application gives you the experience to create emojis according to the style and taste of each user. The app also provides various symbols that can be used to create emojis.

In addition, the application will provide instructions to the user to create a keyboard emoji. There are several separate parts such as eyes, mouth, nose, and others to make it easier for users to create emoticons.

The results of your emoticon creations can later also be sent via messages on various social media. You just need to put an asterisk on the finished emoticon based on the user’s wishes.

You can save all your creations without emoji images that tend to be monotonous. You can also make modifications to the emoticons that you have completed again.


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