How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone for Free


How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone for Free – Changing the look of Android to be like an iPhone or iOS, is one way to overcome boredom, when using an Android cellphone on a daily basis. Because as we know or I can said for some people, the iOS UI used by the iPhone is indeed more elegant and simple to the eye. Want to know how? Check out the following way to make Android like iOS in 2022.

Lucky for you, because now there is a way to change the appearance of Android to iPhone without changing the operating system. The method is easy and also free so anyone can try it. Various things can be changed, from the appearance, lockscreen, even to the ringtone and emoji features. Well, if you want to feel the sensation of using an iPhone on your Android smartphone, here’s how to change the look of Android to look like an iPhone.

How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone for Free
How to Make Android Look Like an iPhone for Free

How to Make Your Android Look Like iPhone

There are several ways to do and some apps that must be downloaded and installed if you want to make Android look like iOS in 2022. You don’t need to root or modify the system to be able to change the look of Android to be like iOS on iPhone.

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1. Change Android to look like iPhone Using iPhone Launcher

How to change the appearance of Android to iPhone, first thing you have to do is to change the appearance of the homescreen on your Android smartphone using a special launcher. Changing the appearance of the Homescreen or homepage is the first and most important point so that the appearance of your Android smartphone can be similar to the appearance of the iPhone device. iPhone Launcher app can make your android look like iphone.

Please follow the following guide:

  • First, install a launcher application called iPhone Launcher. You can download this launcher on the Google Play Store.
  • After successfully installed, open it and run the launcher.
  • Then, click or check the Use iPhone launcher wallpaper column. Then select Get Started.
  • Next, grant access to draw over apps, then select Allow Access.
  • Then, also give Notification Access for this iPhone launcher.
  • This app will make android look like iphone.

First point done! now your Android smartphone homescreen display is similar to the iPhone.

As you can see, there are many iPhone features in this app, such as Control Center, Notification Center, Assistive Touch, X Home bar and so on.

2. Changing iOS Lockscreen

Change lockscreen like iphone on android phone. It’s not complete to change the appearance if you not also install the iPhone lock screen. You can download and install the app to change your Android lockscreen appearance with this app called OS12 Lock Screen on the Google Play Store.

By installing this app, you will see all notifications on the lock screen with the latest iOS appearance.

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change your Android lockscreen appearance with OS12 Lock Screen Apk
change your Android lockscreen appearance with OS12 Lock Screen Apk

Examples of notifications such as SMS, or missed calls.

3. Use the iPhone-style Camera App

After changing the look of the Android homescreen and lockscreen to be like an iPhone, to make it more complete, use the camera app with a look that resembles an apple camera.

You can download an apk called Cool OS13 on the Google Play Store. This apk is based on the iOS 13 camera app, and comes with a number of interesting features.

Some of the existing features such as beautification, HDR, filters, and also 4K recording and support for ultra HD cameras. This app also supports editing features, such as cropping, adjusting brightness, adding text, stickers and so on.

For the camera app, I still recommend you to use Google Camera or GCam Apk rather than other apps. Because Android camera performance will be better if you use GCam or the default camera app. but it’s up to you to decide.

4. Add Animoji Feature

Animoji itself stands for Animated Emoji. As the name implies, this is a unique moving emoji that can follow your facial movements.

To use this feature on Android, you can try the following ways:

  • First, please install an app called Supermoji or 3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp which you can download on the Google Play Store.
  • Once installed, run the app and give the app permission to access the camera and audio.
  • Next, point the front camera at your face so the app can detect your face to match the existing Animoji.
  • There are several Animoji that can be used and are similar to those on the iPhone 13 Animoji, such as pandas, foxes, aliens, chickens, and others.
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5. Use the Apple Music App

To make the iPhone experience even more pronounced on your Android phone, you can install this iPhone app. For example, the Apple Music app, which is the default music player app. Apple Music is available on the Google Play Store. This apk offers a large selection of songs from various artists around the world.

Similar to Spotify, the Apple Music app also offers a paid service to listen to music without ads. With this, your Android smartphone will have an experience that is more similar to the iPhone.

Extra App

Besides that there are several similar apps on iOS that you can use on Android, such as iCalendar for the calendar app, This app is also compatible with Google Calendar and also has a very simple design. Textra SMS to replace iMassage which is not available for Android.


Making an Android device with an iPhone-like appearance is not a difficult thing. You can apply the changes to the five points above, so it is guaranteed that your Android display will be very similar to the iOS display. If you know of any other app to make android look like iphone or an app with a look similar to the default iOS app, let me know.

That’s on How to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone for Free. Hope it can help.