How to Make a Viral TikTok Crying Filter Video on Snapchat Android Phone


Below is a guide on how to create a viral crying effect filter on TikTok 2022 fyp. The crying filter that is viral on TikTok and Instagram social media shows the sad expression of the person wearing it. Filters or effects look very realistic and real.

Many other netizens thought that the creators who used the filter were actually crying. Although this is an artificial intelligence (AI) effect built into the filter.

This technology can create effects that automatically adjust to the user’s face shape. So don’t be surprised if the user’s face looks like he’s crying, when in fact it’s not.

The use of such a crying filter is generally used for entertainment, such as pranking other people, friends, and others. Even so realistic that many feel sympathy and concern.

Naturally, because crying usually occurs after someone experiences an event, be it sad or moved. You could say this filter really manipulates the visuals on the screen.

For a complete tutorial on how to make a TikTok viral crying filter, you can follow our full guide here>>

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