How to Install Xiaomi USB / ADB Driver Installer [Guide]


How to Install Xiaomi USB / ADB Driver Installer – As a smartphone owner, connecting your phone to a PC or laptop is a common thing to do. This activity usually aims to transfer data or just to charge the device. However, what happens if your Xiaomi device is not detected or not recognized on your PC? Then the solution is to install and use the Xiaomi USB Driver.

How to Install Xiaomi USB / ADB Driver Installer [Guide]

Xiaomi USB Driver Installer is a supporting driver that you need to install when you want to repair an Android phone.The Xiaomi USB Driver is also needed when you want to Unlock Bootloader, ROOT, Flash official ROM, and others. If Xiaomi can’t connect to a Windows PC with a USB cable, it certainly won’t be able to do that. Then a Xiaomi USB Driver is needed specifically so that everything can run properly.

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Actually, by default the Windows OS can read and install directly the USB Driver from Xiaomi automatically when Xiaomi is connected to a PC for the first time. However, this doesn’t always happen, because there are some conditions that cause the driver to not be installed automatically, so sometimes it’s necessary to install it manually.

How to Install Xiaomi USB / ADB Drivers

Then how to install the Xiaomi USB Driver? There are 2 ways to do this, you just need to choose one of them. Here’s how to Install Xiaomi USB Drivers:

Install with just 1 click (Simple Method)

This method is the most recommended, it is easier to install even though the file size is quite large compared to the manual method.

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Preparation required:

  • Windows PC with OS Windows 7 and above.
  • Good quality USB cable.
  • ADB.Driver.Installer.v2.0 (Download Here).

Then follow these steps

  1. First connect Xiaomi to Windows PC using a good quality USB cable (original cable).
  2. Then Install ADB.Driver.Installer.v2.0 by Right-clicking » Run as Administrator.
  3. Click Refresh.
  4. then click Install.
  5. If the option option notification appears, select “Install this driver software anyway”.
  6. Wait for the installation process to complete until the “OK” status appears on Device Status.
  7. Then the user can click on the Device Manager section to confirm whether the driver is properly installed. If it is successful, it will display the words “Android Composite ADB Interface”.
  8. Android Composite ADB Interface driver installation is complete.

Manual Method

Lakukan cara manual ini jika setelah melakukan cara diatas windows tetap gagal mendeteksi perangkat Xiaomi anda.

Tools needed:

  • Windows PC with OS Windows 7 and above.
  • Good quality USB cable.
  • (Download Here) then extract the zip file.

After everything is downloaded, follow these steps

  1. The first step, please connect your Xiaomi device to your PC/laptop using a USB cable.
  2. After that, continue by going to the Windows Explorer menu, then right-clicking Computer/This PC and select Properties.
  3. Next select the Device Manager option.
  4. Or you can also search for it with windows search (press Windows+S) then search for Device Manager.
  5. Click Action > Add legacy hardware, and click Next. Select the menu “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)”. Then Click Next.
  6. Then select Have Disk….
  7. Then select Browse. Then navigate to the folder where the is saved.
  8. Select the android_winusb.inf file, then click Open. Then click OK.
  9. Select Android ADB Interface then Next.
  10. If a warning appears, select Install this driver software anyway.
  11. Wait for the installation process to complete. If successful, a dialog box will appear.
  12. Click Finish.
If the installation process is successful then there will be an “Android Devices” option in the Device Manager.
That’s it, the complete guide on how to install the Xiaomi USB/ADB Driver. Hopefully this guide can be useful, especially for Xiaomi users. Thank you.

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