How to install new fonts on Android


How to install new fonts on Android

If you are bored with your Android font, you are in the right place. Next we will show you two options that will allow you to customize your phone with new font styles and the best part is that you don’t need root. Choose the option that best suits what you are looking for.

zFont, an app that will allow you to change the font of your Android

zFont in an application that you can find in the play store and it installs and starts like any other application. Using it can become somewhat annoying due to the number of ads it has. The application has a paid version with a cost of €4.88 to remove the ads.

When you open zFont you will see that not only does it have the option to install different font styles, but it also has emojis and fonts that not only change their style, but also change their color. The truth is that It is a very useful application when it comes to Android customization.

But first, you need to check something very important

Change font on Android

First of all, check that your phone has the option to change the font natively. In case your phone does not have this option, you run the risk of not being able to return to your factory source.

  • go to Settings
  • In the search engine write Sources. If you get the option to change the font style, you can follow the other steps below.

In case you don’t have this feature built into your phone and don’t want to risk permanently losing your native font, don’t worrywe also have a solution for you, you just have to go to the other option below.

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Steps to install new fonts with zFont

  • start the application.
  • On the main zFont screen, scroll down through the options until you see the option Stylish and press See all. Another way to search for sources is that when you start the application, a navigation bar will appear with the options Google Fonts, Dafont, 1001 Free Fonts, among others, all these options offer different types of fonts. Choose the one you like.
  • After selecting a type of font, the option to DownloadSelect it to download.
  • Once the font is downloaded, again at the bottom press the button Apply.
  • A window will open with different options, depending on the phone you have, these may vary. Choose the first method (Method 1).
  • Now select the option Open theme manager. And voila, this theme will have been added to the library.
  • Now what you have to do is select it and press Apply. This last step will also depend on your phone, but it turns out to be quite intuitive.

zFont 3 - Emoji & Font Changer

Something you should know is that there are divided opinions regarding zFont, some love her some hate her, because many users have reported bugs due to the change of source. It is very difficult to find an app that does this without bugging your Android phone. Some report that their phones become slower, that the wallpaper image is changed automatically and in the worst case, the device restarts. It is important that you take this into account if you choose to use zFont.

On the other hand, some users are fascinated by the application, which ultimately fulfills the objective of allowing you to customize an Android phone with a wide variety of options. You decide whether to give it a try or not.

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But if you don’t want to risk your phone’s functionality for aesthetics, then the next option may seem better to you.

Font keyboards: change the font of your Android without risk

This is the installation of a simple keyboard. Although this is not just any keyboardthese keyboards are specially designed to change the font of letters while you type and work in a much less aggressive way than zFont, since you are not changing the system font of your Android.

Steps to install new fonts with Font Keyboards

Basically, the steps are always the same, since all you have to do is set the keyboard as default. The applications ensure that they respect the privacy of their users and do not store their data.

  • In this particular case, (Fonts – Letters Keyboard) when you start the application you are prompted to enter your date of birth, place it and press Starts.
  • Then press Activate the Keyboard fonts.
  • Check the box for Fonts. When doing this, several Android system prompts will appear, just press To accept.
  • Select the option Change to Fonts.
  • Then press Fonts.
  • And finally, select the idiom.

As you can see in the photos it is quite simple. You only have to follow the steps indicated by the application itself. Once the keyboard is installed, the available fonts will appear at the top of it.

In Play Store you will find many options, but here we leave you two of the best known for you to try:

Differences between zFont and Font Keyboards

  • zFont it may be a more aggressive option, but also gives better results when to personalization of an Android it is. You will see the font that you apply with zFont on your phone’s desktop, when you write and receive a message, WhatsApp, Telegram, among other applications.
  • Instead, with the keyboards that will not happen. Your Android system font will remain the same, the only thing that will affect is the font you write with.
  • The font style you use with your font keyboard can be seen by the people you send a message to. Instead, if you send someone a message using some font installed using zFont, that person You will get that message with the font style of your Android systemnot the one that appears to you.
  • For change style using the font keyboard you just have to press the font of your choice, (you will find them at the top of the keyboard) while with zFont to change from one font to another you have to follow more steps.
  • The number of font styles that you can install using zFont is noticeably superior compared to those offered by font keyboards.
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In conclusion

Font keyboard is mainly focused on customize your messages or texts, not the look and feel of your Android system, while zFont does. However, with a font keyboard You don’t have to worry about possible bugs generated by zFont.

Another thing you should consider if you opt for fountain roofing is that don’t expect it to have a very efficient correctorsince it is not focused on that, it is designed to change the font but not to correct messages, so, if you are one of the people who depends on its autocorrect, it will probably take you a little more to get used to it.

In short, these are options that offer solutions in different ways and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We hope it has been helpful to you. And if you want continue customizing your Android, you must also visit how to customize your lock screen on android with an app.