How to Hide Phone Number in GetContact App

19, Jakarta – You must be familiar with the GetContact application. This application is the flagship that is used to find information about users of a phone number, name, and tag that appears on GetContact.

The data appears from the contact data of other users who have the GetContact application. Furthermore, the data is collected in a database that can later be used by all application users.

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But unfortunately, in certain cases, this application is often abused by other users.

For example, by labeling a phone number with harsh words or giving nicknames that can tarnish the name of the owner of the phone number.

For this reason, GetContact provides a feature that can hide usernames from the application database list. How to use this feature? Check out the following steps.

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  • Visit the official website of the GetContact application or via the following link
  • Select the provided login method.
  • After that, you can choose Scan QR Code or enter a phone number that has been registered in the application.
  • After successful verification, look for the “Visibility Settings” option in the GetContact application.
  • Turn off the Search Visibility option and click “Yes” when a notification appears.
  • Users just have to wait for the process to complete.

Good luck. I hope this helps!

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