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How to Factory Reset iPhone iOS 14 and iOS 15 Safely


KOMPAS.com – When the iPhone’s internal memory is full and the device’s performance feels slow, usually users will do this factory reset. For those of you who are new to this activity, you might ask what it is factory reset on iPhone.

Simply put, factory reset is the process of resetting or returning the phone to its original factory settings, so it is sometimes also referred to as a factory reset.

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Most mobile phones currently available, the operating system is equipped with the ability to perform factory resetnot to mention the iPhone with iOS.

By doing factory reset, the condition of the iPhone will return to the way it was when it was first taken out of the box. So, is a factory reset iPhone safe to do?

Factory reset it could be an option when you might want to delete all data on your iPhone to free up internal memory space, or it could be done when you want to refresh a device whose performance is starting to slow down.

Factory reset on iPhone will delete all data, including all installed apps and applied settings. So after the reset process is complete, the iPhone system will be back like new.

Given those consequences, before committing factory reset iPhone, it’s a good idea to have backed up some important data first, such as photos or documents. One way to back up data is via iCloud.

Also make sure you memorize password Apple ID and iPhone lock screen. Then, to factory reset on the iPhone the method is quite easy, but each iOS version usually has a different stage.

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Generally, factory reset iPhone is done through the “General” or “General” option in the “Settings” menu, then select the “Erase All Content and Settings” option and the iPhone will begin the process of resetting to factory settings.

Already curious about how to factory reset iPhone? Listen, explain how factory reset iPhone iOS 14 and iOS 15 below.

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Factory reset iOS 14

  • Click the gear icon to access the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “General” or “General” option, then scroll down and click the “Reset” option
  • Then, select the option “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • Click the “Erase Now” option and enter password iPhone lock screen to confirm action
  • Then, you will be asked again to confirm the action twice by tapping the “Erase iPhone” option.
  • Finally, enter password Apple ID and click the “Erase” option.

Factory reset iOS 15

  • Click the gear icon to access the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “General” or “General” option, then scroll down and click the “Transfer or Reset iPhone” option
  • Then, select the option “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • You will be given a warning regarding the reset action may delete some data, then click the “Continue” option
  • Insert password iPhone lock screen
  • Then, the system will start the first data backup to iCloud automatically
  • If the backup is successful, you will then be asked to enter password Apple ID
  • After that, select the “Power Off” option and click on the “Erase iPhone” option.
Illustration of how to factory reset iPhoneKOMPAS.com/Zulfikar Illustration of how to factory reset iPhone

After selecting the “Erase iPhone” or “Erase iPhone” option, the iPhone will turn off and start the factory reset process.

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When the factory reset process is complete, you are prompted to perform initial iPhone settings, such as selecting a language, entering an Apple ID, and so on. Complete the initial setup to successfully enter the “Home” screen.

This is information about how to factory reset iPhone iOS 14 and iOS 15 easily and safely, hopefully useful.

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