How to enable dark mode on LinkedIn


How to enable dark mode on LinkedIn

Do you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn? Well, you should do something so that your eyes don’t get tired when you see the “upset” white background that this popular social network has.

Like other platforms, LinkedIn has a dark theme that can be activated simply and quickly. If you are interested in knowing what you have to do to activate it, you just have to keep reading, because here we will explain how to apply it on PC and mobile devices.

Activating dark mode on LinkedIn is that easy

Before we show you the tutorials that will allow you to activate the dark theme on your computer and mobile device, it is important to clarify that this function will not affect the correct performance of this social network.

That is, you can still see who visited your LinkedIn profile, access the podcast section, send messages and do anything else you do on LinkedIn. The only thing this function will do is darken the interface so that your eyes do not bother you when browsing the platform in question.

So you can activate the dark mode on LinkedIn from your mobile

LinkedIn mobile app settings

  • Open the LinkedIn app that you have installed on your phone.
  • Click on your profile picturewhich is located at the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the blue option that says “Setting”.
  • Enter the first option, the one that says “Account Preferences”.

Activate dark mode on LinkedIn Mobile

  • click on “Dark mode”.
  • Select the call option “Dark mode”.
  • In seconds, the LinkedIn app will activate this mode.
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Activate dark mode on LinkedIn from your PC with these steps

  • Enter the LinkedIn website from your computer. Once inside it, you will have to click on the option that says I”.
  • A small menu will be displayed with several options, click on the one that saysSettings and privacy”.
  • Therefore, you must click Changethis option corresponds to the section calleddark mode”.
  • And finally, you will have to choose the option dark mode”.
  • If you did all the steps to the letter, you should be able to see the LinkedIn dark theme activated on your computer.

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