How to enable Camera2 API on Android Phone


How to enable Camera2 API on Android Phone – The Camera2 API has become one of the most trending factors when assessing smartphone camera capabilities. If you enable the features offered by Camera2 API, In this article, BangSep explains the steps to enable Camera2 API on Android phones.

What is Camera2 API?

At launch, Google had released the legacy Camera API and asked developers to implement the new API 2 enabled on Android phones. But it doesn’t happen very quickly. Only a handful of premium smartphones now come with this built-in feature. Google Pixel 3 & 4 uses the Camera2 api settings, and the reason why it has such an impressive camera.

How to enable Camera2 API on Android smartphone

How to enable Camera2 API on Android Phone

There are several methods to enable Camera2 API on Android smartphones. But you have to understand that you will always need a properly rooted Android phone to change the ROM settings. So a rooted phone is very important to enable Camera2 API.

Use Camera 2 API in Build.prop

This is one of the perfect methods to enable many hidden Android features on your phone. You can enable Camera API 2 also using Build.prop . However, you need to understand that this method only has a fifty-fifty chance of succeeding. It works on smartphones that come with Camera2 API support in ROM but it functions for some other reason. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Download and install any file manager app from Google Play Store, which supports root explorer. Here, BangSep uses the most popular one, namely ES File Manager.
  • Navigate to the system partition on your rooted Android phone and find a file named Build.prop.
  • Open the Build.prop file using a text editor.
  • In the Build.prop file, look for this line:
  • Change 0 to 1, then save and exit Build.prop and reboot phone.
  • You can then check if the camera is working properly on third parties like Open Camera.
Using Camera2 API with Terminal Emulator

The first method to activate, camera2api, works on almost all supported and rooted Android smartphones. However, in some cases, it will not work as expected. If you have bad luck with the first method, you can try the second method which is more convenient and has no complications. Remember, you need root access on your phone to do this. Follow the steps carefully:

  • Download and install the Terminal Emulator app from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the application and run the following command:

su 1


  • Now reboot your phone after that you Open the camera.
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That’s all about the steps to enable Camera2 API on supported Android smartphones. If you try the above steps on a non-rooted phone, it won’t work as expected so you have to Root your phone first in order to activate the Camera2 Api, Thanks.


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