How to edit someone else’s tweet to make a joke


how to edit other people's tweets to make a joke

Let us guess: you just saw a fake tweet that looked very real and wondered… how did they do it? It is very simple really. No need to download apps or use Photoshop. The only thing you have to do to edit an already published tweet, either from someone else or yoursis to use the inspect tool that all web browsers have.

To spoof the original tweet, all you have to do is search the platform code for the text of the tweet and then edit it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a computer expert to do this. Follow the steps shown below and in a matter of seconds you will have the modified tweet to play a prank on someone.

How to create fake tweets on Twitter with the “Inspect” tool

You can falsify an already published tweet from your PC or from your mobile. First we will explain the method from the PC because it is simpler:

  • Open the published tweet you want to edit in your PC browser.
  • right click in an empty spot on the page near the text of the tweet.
  • Automatically, a window will open with part of the page code. The specific part that corresponds to the text of the tweet will be shaded along with an arrow. Tap that arrow to display more code.
  • Now, you will see the text of the tweet in the middle of the code. Right click on the text and then select Edittext.
  • Finally, edit the text as you wish and write what you want. Hit Enter when you’re done typing and close the inspect window (the close button is in the top right corner).
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Ready! Now you can capture your edited tweet and share it with your friends to joke around, or upload it to the networks to go viral. Will the tweet stay with the edit you made? No, refreshing the page will return the tweet to its original text.

Actually, what is done with this trick is to modify the tweet locally and not on the server side. That means the change will only be seen by you on your PC and anyone else.

You can also fake published tweets from your Android

app to create fake tweets white bird

The same thing we did before you can do it from your Android device, but the procedure is a bit more cumbersome. Android browsers don’t have a built-in Inspect tool like on PC, so you should follow this tutorial from how to inspect an element from android to be able to edit a tweet. It will cost you more to do it, but the result will be the same.

If you have a hard time doing it this way on Android, you can use the following apps to create your fake tweets effortlessly:

Access | Tweet Generator

In both apps you only have to choose how you want the tweet to be (selecting the username, the text of the tweet, the color of the interface, etc.) and click on generate tweet to get the image of the fake tweet you want to share. Also, you can fake replies, retweets, mentions and much more. Go create your fake tweets now!

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