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How to download faster on Telegram


Improve Telegram downloads

Although Telegram already allows you to manage downloads, sometimes they take longer than they should. Yes, sometimes Telegram downloads seem eternal and today we will show you how you can speed them up.

How to speed up downloads on Telegram

Until now, Telegram has not said or done anything officially related to the slow download of some files. Take into account that the slowness of Telegram downloads is usually more noticeable when the file is large. In any case, with the 5 tricks that we will teach you below, your downloads on Telegram will surely be faster.

Check the quality of your Internet connection

Probably, this trick may seem obvious to you, but sometimes Internet connections do not work in the best way and only some apps make the problem evident. In this case what you should do is verify that your Internet connection is appropriate and for this you must measure the speed of your Internet. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do it, here we show you how to measure the real speed of your Internet.

now that you know what is the speed of your internet connection, you can try these 4 apps to improve your mobile’s Internet connection. Besides, you can also follow these tricks to fix your internet speed issues.

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Use a VPN to improve Telegram download speed

This is a trick that has worked for multiple people to improve Telegram download speed. In fact, this trick works because Telegram limits the size of files a user can download in the app. So when using a VPN like Opera VPN Pro, your IP automatically changes and Telegram assumes you are downloading a different file.

Telegram download speed

Install the latest version of Telegram so that files download faster

If you have an old version of Telegram, the app may have problems and even take time to download files. So, Ideally, you should have the latest version of Telegram installed. on your device.


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Reduce the number of Telegram groups you are a part of

Yes, if you are in many Telegram groups, the app can become saturated and this makes downloads take longer than normal. Take into account that in most Telegram groups multiple files are sent and this slows down the app. So, the best thing is that you get out of the Telegram groups in which they send too many files. On the other hand, it is important that you consider that there are groups on Telegram that are dangerous to your health.

Use Telegram X to download your files faster

If the previous tricks didn’t work for you, surely this one will. Remember that Telegram X is an improved version of the official app. Anyway, here you can find out what Telegram X is and know the differences between Telegram and Telegram X.

Telegram X

Now yes you can download files on Telegram fasteralthough it is still important that you consider that the larger the file you want to download, the longer it will take to do so.

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