How to download Disney+ movies and where they are saved


How to download Disney+ movies and where they are saved 1

In short, streaming services have changed the way we watch our favorite series and movies. However, the fact that they depend 100% on the Internet could be a problem for those moments when your connection decides to betray you. That is why It’s never a bad idea to have a few movies stored on your device.

It’s a great option for when you need some distraction on the go or if you just don’t want to waste your data. Therefore, here we leave you the step-by-step explanation of how to download disney+ movies.

Disney+ Phone Screen

But first, we recommend that you set the download quality

The download quality will affect the velocity with which the movie you have selected is downloaded and the storage space that will occupy in your device.

  • Open the application of Disney+.
  • Select the your account icon.
  • Click on Setting of the application.
  • Now select download quality. You will have to choose between high, medium and standard.

Now, how to download Disney+ movies and series to watch offline?

  • You must first select the movie that you want to download.
  • At the bottom of the movie title, tap the option to Downloadwhich is next to the button with the symbol +.
  • Once the download is complete, tap downloadswhich is in the options bar at the bottom. All the downloads you make will be saved here.

Screenshots of how to download Disney+ movies

It is important to highlight that when you log out of your Disney+ account, you will lose all the downloads you have made and you will have to download all the movies again in case you want to recover them.

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Ready, Now you can enjoy your favorite movie whenever you want without depending on the internet connection! And if you liked this article, sure you will be interested how to access the entire Disney+ catalog (without age restrictions).