How to create an NFT easily from your mobile or PC


How to create NFT mobile computer

It’s hard to tell if the popularity of NFTs is just a fad. In any case, soon Meta will allow you to buy and sell NFTs and even YouTube could make the leap into the world of NFTs. So if these digital assets are so popular, why not create your own NFT, truth?

Now, if you still don’t know very well, it is important that you know what NFTs are. Also, you should know that NFTs can be images, videos, audios, documents or even games that allow you to win money. In any case, today we will teach you how to convert your digital art into NFT and then we will explain the step by step to achieve it.

1. Create the digital artwork you want to turn into NFT

Create NFT Digital Art

As we have told you before, there are multiple file formats that you can convert to NFT. However, we today we will focus on explaining how to create your NFT from an image, which is the most popular format. Also, you should know that the procedure to create musical NFTs with the OurSong app is similar to the one that we will explain here.

It is important that you consider that the digital work that you convert into NFT must be original, that is, it must be created by you. In addition, you can create your work with Photoshop, Illustrator or the application of your choice. On the other hand, Ideally, the file of your digital work should be in PNG formatalthough generally JPEG is also accepted by NFTs platforms.

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2. Set up your cryptocurrency wallet and have crypto in it

Cryptocurrency wallet create NFT

There are multiple types of cryptocurrency wallets and even though these are the best ones for Android, the most common one is MetaMask. In fact, MetaMask is the most used cryptocurrency wallet on NFT platforms. In any case, in this case you should use a crypto wallet that works with the Internet and not a physical wallet.

You should also add some tokens to your wallet. Take into account that your crypto wallet must have funds for you to pay the fees associated with posting your NFT. Also, you should consider that ETH is the most used cryptocurrency for transactions on NFT platforms.

3. Choose the platform you want to post and sell your NFT on

Platforms publish sell NFT

Your digital work is not yet an NFT. In fact, to convert your work into NFT you must mint it or publish it on a platform for selling NFTs. Furthermore, by posting your NFT on these types of platforms, you will also be able to sell your NFT.

Take into account that there are multiple types of platforms where you can sell your NFT, although the most common are OpenSea, and Rarible. Either way, you can sign up and use the NFT platform that works best for you. On the other hand, you should also know that most NFT trading platforms are in English.

In addition, To register on this type of platform, all you have to do is connect your cryptocurrency wallet. with her. Then, you must enter data such as your name, username and in some cases you must connect your social networks with these platforms.

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4. Attach your NFT to the platform of your choice

Digital art create NFT

Each NFT trading platform has its own peculiarities, however, the procedure for mining NFTs is quite similar. Take into account that lying an NFT is converting a file into an NFT and posting it for sale.

What you must do to publish your NFT is the next:

  1. Sign in with your wallet on the NFT trading platform of your choice and select the option «Mint«.
  2. Attach the file that you want to convert to NFT.
  3. Complete the data that the platform requests.
  4. Post your NFT.

It is important that you know that you can add a description, a title and a category to your NFT. In addition, in order to mint your NFT you must have a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in your wallet to pay the commissions of each platform.

Take into account that the commissions of each NFT trading platform are different, although in most of them the commissions are paid in ETH. In fact, commission payments are in ETH because most NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there are platforms that use NFTs on other blockchain networks such as Rarible which also uses the Flow network.

5. Publish and sell your NFT

Post Sell NFT

After setting up all the information about your NFT, the platform will request information from you to sell your digital asset. All you have to do to sell your NFT is tap on the “Sell” button.

Take into account that to sell your NFT you have several options. You can put a fixed price on your NFT so that the first person who pays for it gets to keep it. You can make an auction and put a base price so that from there people increase the bid for your NFT more and more. Or, on some platforms you can put a fixed price on your NFT and allow this price to also function as the base price of an auction, this method is a kind of hybrid between the first two.

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If you put a fixed price on your NFT, it will be published until someone pays that amount. Now, if you hold an auction to sell your NFT you can make said auction last a certain time or in some cases like Foundation, the auction will last 24 hours after your NFT has received its first bid.

After you have published your NFT, what you should do is wait until you receive an offer for it. What’s more, when your NFT has been sold, the platform you used to sell it will keep a percentage of the sale and credit your share of the winnings to your wallet.

It is important that you consider that although NFTs are so popular that you can even put an NFT as a profile picture on your Twitter, selling them is not as easy as it seems. In fact, Ideally, you should have well-established communities on your social networks for your NFTs to be sold. quickly.

Now, if you not only want to sell your own NFTs, but you want to have NFTs from other peopleyou should know that you can download pirated NFTs with The NFT Bay.