How to Convert a Twitter Thread to a PDF


Convert Twitter thread to PDF

Did you find a thread on Twitter interesting and want to have it saved in a PDF document? You don’t need to copy it manually, because exists a tool that allows you to turn any Twitter thread into an article simply and quickly.

Thanks to the web service called Thread Reader App, Anyone can convert Twitter threads to PDF. Of course, it is necessary to meet certain requirements to be able to download them in that format.

How to convert a Twitter thread into a PDF article?

Before we show you the tutorial that you need to follow, it is important to mention that This service works for both mobile devices and computers. Of course, the steps that we show you below were carried out from an Android mobile (using the Twitter app and the Google browser).

Twitter thread to PDF

  • Find a Twitter thread. Once found, click on the share button.
  • Therefore, you must copy the link from the thread in question.
  • Go to the Thread Reader App webpage and paste the link on search box.

Download Twitter thread in PDF

  • With the link already pasted, you must click on the button that says “Find Unroll”.
  • Wait for the website to generate the PDF document.
  • Finally, click on “Save this thread as PDF” to be able to save the document on your mobile.

As you have surely been able to see, the one in charge of generating the document in PDF format is a bot, so the system is fully automated. In other words, it works similar to Remember Me Bot, an algorithm that reminds you of a Tweet for free.

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Important! Thread Reader App has several limitations

If when trying to download the PDF document you noticed that something was wrong, let us tell you that this service is quite limited, in what sense? Well, the following points must be taken into account to use this bot:

  • To download a Twitter thread in PDF format you have to be the author of the threadO well pay a subscription.
  • There are times when conversions need to be done twice (this bot is still in beta).

In case you don’t want to pay and need to have that thread in PDF format, you can copy the text and then paste it into a document.

Without anything else to add, Twitter could eventually block this bot, since it has already done so with the Wordle bot. In the same way, for now this service works perfectly, Take advantage of it before it’s too late!