How to clean the cache of your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12


Cleaning the cache of your Xiaomi mobile can help you get better performance from the terminal. We teach you how to do it in MIUI 12.

Clearing the cache of your Android mobile applications is a good method to free up storage space when you need to do it urgently. It is a simple process that can also help you achieve better performance on your terminal. To help you recover that free space you need, in this article we explain how to clean the cache of your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12.

This cache is ultra-fast access memory that stores the necessary data so that the apps can be opened quickly and not having to wait a few seconds each time you want to access each one of them. Clearing the cache of your Xiaomi is extremely easy, and also very useful if you want improve terminal performance. Let’s see how you can do it.

MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi Mi 11.

Clean the cache of your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12 to get better performance.

How to clean the cache of your Xiaomi with MIUI 12

It is not the first time that we have addressed the issue of clearing the cache in Andro4all, since we have already explained how to clear the WhatsApp cache and the Telegram cache to free up space. However, the process to follow varies depending on the brand of your mobile and the customization layer that this one has

In this case, we focus on Xiaomi phones to explain how you can clear the cache if you have one of them. Specifically, we focus on the MIUI 12 operating system, although the steps to follow are similar if you have another version of the customization layer.

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Eye, you should know that the cache memory is not deleted from the device in general, you must Individually clear the cache of each of the apps. Therefore, if you know that an app takes up a lot of space due to this type of memory, you can easily delete it to reclaim free space. On the other hand, if you know that an app’s cache is low in weight, you can choose not to clear it. Bearing this in mind, these are the steps to follow to clean the cache of your Xiaomi mobile:

  1. Enter the terminal settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the section “Applications”.
  3. Within this menu, access “Manage Applications”.
  4. Go into the app whose cache you want to clear.
  5. tap on “Clean data”in the lower right corner.
  6. In the options menu that appears, select “Clear cache”.

How to clean the cache of your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12

Following this simple process, you will be able to delete the cache of the apps on your Xiaomi mobile. If you have many applications installed, the space occupied by this memory can be large. Therefore, clearing the cache can be a quick method to free up storage when this is insufficient. In addition to this, you can meet other tricks for MIUI 12 that will help you master your Xiaomi.

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