How to change username on snapchat


change username on snapchat

What many people asked for has finally become official. Snapchat now allows you to change your username! So, If you never liked the username you signed up with on Snapchat, now you can change it for whatever else is available. And don’t worry, this change won’t affect your friend lists, Snap codes, Snap Score, memories, or anything. Only the name by which other users can find you will be changed.

Do you want to change your username on Snapchat? Next, we explain how to do it. Too easy and nothing else will take you a few minutes.

How to change my username on snapchat

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First of all, it is important that you know that You can only change your username on Snapchat once a year.. Therefore, if you are not sure about using another username, think very carefully before making a wrong decision. You don’t want to spend an entire year with a name you don’t like. Remember that this name is the one uniquely identifies you on the platform.

With that point clear, if you’re 100% sure you want to change your Snapchat username, follow these steps to do so:

  • touch your user icon which is in the upper left corner.
  • Press the gear wheel located at the top right.
  • Now enter the option Username.

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  • Click on Change username and then click Continue.
  • Write your new username and click on Following.
  • To confirm that you (the account owner) want to make the change, you must enter your password.
  • Once you do, reaffirm the action by pressing on Continue.
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And that’s it. Right after you hit the last button, your Snapchat username will change to the new one. That means your friends and acquaintances will no longer be able to find you with the old username, only with the new one. The good news is that your old username cannot be used by anyone else. The bad news is that not even you yourself will be able to recover the old name. Technically, it will be permanently removed from the platform.

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