How to Change DNS on Android with Easy Steps Even beginners can


How to change DNS on Android itself is very easy. Even if it doesn’t take much time, you can do it. You just go into the Android HP settings.

Furthermore, you can directly set DNS without having to root. DNS on Android phones has the function of requesting IP address information from a website.

This information can be based on the domain name.

With DNS Android will find its own server to send email. Even DNS assistance also helps speed up internet connections and open blocked websites.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is a system whose role is to store all domain information and data on the network.

With the help of DNS, the domain will be translated into an IP address and then it will be accessible.

If you are still having trouble doing this, you can follow how to change DNS on Android. The steps are quite easy and you can put them to good use.

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How to Change DNS on Android for Beginners

Internet technology is increasingly developing quite well. There are many positive impacts that society can take advantage of from this progress.

Even the public will find it easier to get various information and insights that are currently developing. But unfortunately there are also negative impacts that can occur from the progress of the internet.

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One of them is used for criminal acts. It is for this reason why DNS in Android has such an important role.

The existence of DNS will help find out the domain and IP address of each website that is used.

So when there is a crime, it will be much easier to trace.

Before changing DNS, you should know the address first. Here are some ways you can do it on an Android device, including:

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Switching on Android 8 and Lower Devices

One way to change DNS on Android 8 and below is easy to do. Android 8 or Oreo and below can perform DNS overrides.

This method has the same function on Android 7 or 6. It’s just that for the steps you can do there are slight differences.

As for the steps you can do to change DNS 8 and versions below.

  1. The first step you can take is to enter the Android settings menu
  2. Select the WiFi menu and tap the network you want to change the DNS for
  3. Change network tab > menu tab
  4. An option will appear on a new screen and you can choose to enter the DNS address to be able to use Google DNS
  5. Then you can tab save so that the changes you made are saved and the Android DNS has been successfully replaced.

Android 9

It’s different again if you use how to change DNS on Android 9. The Android 9 version or the Pie operating system and above requires special steps.

  1. The first step to change DNS is to open the settings menu on Android
  2. Then you can select the connection menu and click other connection settings
  3. Next click the DNS menu
  4. On the Android screen usually 3 options will appear, please click the DNS provider host name
  5. Type the name of the provider in the column provided
  6. Click save to make changes that occur can be updated.
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Using Third Party Applications

How to change DNS on Android can also use the help of third-party applications. Especially now that technology is increasingly advanced and developing, making many things you can do easily.

In addition to using the Android settings menu, there is another way that you can use, namely DNS Changer. DNS Changer is a third-party application that uses this built-in operating system with a specific UI.

The steps you can take are:

  1. We recommend that you download and install the DNS Changer application
  2. Then open the application and select the Choose a DSN provider menu
  3. After that, several DNS servers will appear that you can use, please select one
    the DNS column 1 and 2 will fill in the IP address automatically and you can change it as needed
  4. Click the start button to change DNS
  5. If it’s normal, the HP will receive a connection command notification.

Then click OK and how to change DNS on Android with the help of the application you can successfully do. (R10/HR-Online)