How To Bypass Google Verification (FRP) On Xiaomi, Redmi, And POCO Without PC


How To Bypass Google Verification (FRP) On Xiaomi, Redmi, And POCO Without PC – So the story was yesterday that my friend’s xiaomi phone had a bootloop and had to be re-flashed. Unfortunately, the xiaomi still locks the bootloader (not yet UBL), so I have to do a test point to flash the xiaomi. You know that to do a test point, the cellphone must be opened. That’s why I suggest if you have a xiaomi you should use UBL (unlock bootloader) because if a bootloop occurs, it can be directly flashed without unloading the cellphone.

How To Bypass Or Bypass Google Verification (FRP) On Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO

After I managed to flash the xiaomi with the test point method, as usual we set the language and others. So, after choosing a theme, something annoying happened, which was asking to enter the Google account that was previously linked.

I asked a friend, he didn’t know because the previously installed google account was made a theme. (If you have a smartphone today, make it a habit to memorize / write down the google account). Yes, my advice is never to create a random google account, you will definitely forget your email and password.

Remember that Android security features are currently growing rapidly, Google has implemented the Google verification feature which is often called Factory Reset Protection or more. known as FRP. So the user is required to enter their google account after the reset process is carried out.

Yes, the point is that even if the xiaomi has been successfully flashed or reset, in the initial settings display, the xiaomi will be intercepted by verifying the google account. If you can’t enter the google account correctly, the cellphone can’t be continued.

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The characteristic when xiaomi is hit by FRP is that there is a notification “To use this cellphone, first you have to login to the owner’s google account that was used on this phone the last time it was reset

But calm down, this time I will provide a solution to bypass FRP / bypass verify the google account.

How to Bypass Google Account (FRP) on Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO

  1. Make sure you have internet access, whether using a cellular data plan or WiFi
  2. At the first screen, follow the standard steps of the initial xiaomi settings such as selecting a language, choosing a location, connecting to a data connection or Wifi and finally get to google account verification.
  3. When you get to google account verification, just go back to Network settings, then select “Add Network / Add Network“and type “” instead your SSID.
  4. It will automatically open the youtube application. If there is an update notification just ignore it/next time, after that press the right corner and press the user icon then press terms and privacy policy
  5. After pressing it will be redirected to the browser, just select chrome.
  6. On the chrome page, type then look for quickshortcutmaker apk & download it.
  7. In settings menu go to My Device, select All Specs and press MIUI Version 7x to activate Developer mode (or more details read how to enter developer mode xiaomi)
  8. After the developer mode is active, enter the menu by selecting Additional Settings and selecting Developer Options
  9. Enable the OEM Unlocking/OEM Unlock option by pressing the words OEM Unlocking/OEM Unlocking. The point is DO NOT by moving the slider icon. So just press on the writing. Because if you slide the slider icon, even though it looks active, it will turn off again. To make sure, please press the back button and enter the developer menu again, if the OEM Unlocking is still active, it means it’s successful.
  10. After OEM Unlocking is successfully activated, then reset the xiaomi / return to factory settings. This menu is in My device and select Factory reset (every miui version has different feature placement, basically do a reset)
  11. Done
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Isn’t it easy to bypass Google’s FRP on xiaomi phones?.


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