How to Buy Cinema Tickets Online, Pay Through Digital Wallets

9, Jakarta – The development of technology makes human life easier and more practical. This development provides its own comfort for each individual. One form of this development is the ease of buying cinema tickets.

To purchase cinema tickets online, the public can download the M-Tix application on the PlayStore or AppStore. In addition, you can also access the page

Before buying tickets, make sure you have downloaded the app and have an M-Tix account first. So, how to order tickets using an M-Tix account? Here the author describes how to order tickets using an M-Tix account:

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  • Click the M-Tix menu on the application
  • Login by entering the HP number and PIN registered with Mtix
  • Select the desired date, showtime, and number of tickets
  • Choose a seat on the available floor plan
  • Click Confirm Order
  • Enter the PIN then click Buy

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In addition to using the M-Tix application, you can also order tickets online using the website. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to or Click Here
  • Login by entering the HP number and PIN registered with M-Tix
  • Choose purchase priority, by movie or cinema location
  • Select the desired date, showtime and number of tickets
  • Click Buy Now and Continue

Enjoy watching!

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