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How to Adblock YouTube Android, Watch Free Videos Without Ads


How to Adblock YouTube Android can be done safely and easily. You just follow the right way, ads on Youtube will be blocked.

Adblock for YouTube itself is a content filtering and browser extension that blocks all ads. So that it can prevent YouTube users such as ads or pages from being displayed.

As is well known, currently Android phone users are almost complete. There are many reasons why users can’t get away from these devices.

This also affects the number of applications and the convenience that users can do through these sophisticated devices. One application that is quite popular and has many fans is YouTube.

Currently, there is a lot of quality content that you can get through YouTube.

There is some content that is offered for free, but usually in the form of advertisements. Can go through it for 5 seconds to pay for content that users receive.

But over time the ad must be watched in full. Sometimes this problem often annoys YouTube users.

There is a lot of information on the YouTube channel. Unfortunately for services for free there are usually a lot of ads that you have to watch.

This makes viewing activities disrupted. For that, using the YouTube Android adblock method can reduce this.

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How to Adblock YouTube Android Easily and Safely

Often seen a free YouTube channel, but accompanied by ads that must be watched. Besides being annoying, sometimes it also makes you want to buy what the ad is promoting.

Even because of the frequent advertisements you have to watch, it makes it less comfortable and frustrating. Not least for those who watch YouTube more impatient to turn it off.

For content creators may feel lucky, but there are also those who get a bad impact. In order to solve it easily, follow these steps:

Remove Youtube Ads without Application

One way Adblock YouTube Android even without an app. The method is quite easy, you can open the video and watch it to your heart’s content.

Usually on free videos there is a yellow sign indicating the presence of ads.

You should slide first to the end of the video. We recommend waiting for the YouTube video to finish and you can select the replay button.

This way you will not re-watch YouTube videos with ads.

It’s just that this method is only to remove ads in or at the beginning of the video. For ads at the beginning usually can still appear.

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Using the App

There are several things you can do to make watching YouTube videos more enjoyable. Unfortunately the ads that appear on free videos are still often there.

Apart from no apps, there are many other apps that you can use.

How to Adblock YouTube Android is indeed one of the easy steps you can do. We recommend downloading and installing the application.

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Then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the installed Adblock application
  2. Then you can tap Only One More Step at the bottom of the screen
  3. If you can, select finish and open the browser
  4. You can open YouTube videos through that browser so that the YouTube mobile site opens. You can even watch the video directly with ease.

Using an Ad-Free Browser

There are other ways you can do to make watching YouTube videos more fun. Even without the ads you have to watch first.

If there is a way to Adblock YouTube Android, this application can also use an ad-free browser.

There are several ad-free browser options ranging from Brave Browser, Bromide, AVG Browser, and Ghostery Privacy Browser.

You can use any of these browsers to open YouTube with Android.

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Using Additional Dots (Dots)

In fact, there are still various ways you can do while watching YouTube videos without ads.

Please open the YouTube application using Android, pay attention to the browser and add a dot in the URL after .com.

When you do this, all ads on YouTube will disappear. There are many easy and safe ways to get rid of ads on YouTube.

It even includes the Android YouTube Adblock method that makes you more comfortable when opening the application. (R10/HR-Online)