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How to Activate Infrared on Android on Several HP Brands, Here are the Tips


How to activate infrared on Android is important for you to know. Because there are several smartphone brands that activate it a little differently.

Infrared or infrared sensor itself serves to share files, call it like sharing music files.

However, along with the development of technology, then came the technology in the form of Bluetooth with better sending speed.

However, it turns out that this infrared sensor also still has many functions and is available in several products such as Vivo, Oppo, Samsung to Xiaomi.

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The Easiest and Simplest Way to Activate Infrared on Android

Because of the importance of the face unlock system, many of them integrate an infrared sensor on the front. It turns out that the infrared sensor on this smartphone can also be used as a camera.

However, the first step you need to do is to activate it before finally knowing its existence.

But before going into more detail about the sensor, you also have to know how it works and reaches its goal.

Before knowing how to activate infrared on Android, this infrared sensor is dedicated to unlocking the device. The trick is to identify the user’s face even in low light situations.

However, it is also possible to use it for taking pictures or photos.

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In essence, this one component will also be very beneficial when using facial recognition.

How to Activate on HP Pocophone F1

How to activate infrared on the Pocophone F1 brand Android is quite simple, you can follow some of the tutorials below.

For the first step, you can first download an application called MIUI Hidden Settings from the Play Store service.

Because this application will allow users to access some of the hidden options of Android devices. If you have, then the next step is to go to the QMMI section of the application interface and enter it.

When you get there, a varied, then extensive list of options will immediately appear.

Meanwhile, what you have to look for is the Front Camera option, then just lower it to get it.

When you press the option, what the sensor sees appears, allowing you to take a photo or picture.

After accomplishing all that, you can see that the photos you take with infrared will not be saved in the gallery.

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How to Activate on HP Samsung A32

How to activate infrared on Android Samsung A32 is important for you to know too, because its existence is very useful for all activities.

If you forget to put the TV remote, then you can use the cellphone as a TV remote or even AC.

Meanwhile, to use the IR Blaster Samsung A32 without additional third-party applications is actually very easy. However, you must first check through Settings with the following steps.

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For the first method, you can enter the Settings menu, then look for an option called “Add Remote”. If you have, then you can choose the items you want to set, such as DVD, TC, AC, to Camera or PlayStation.

The next step is to just take the IR remote of your choice, then hold down the power button while facing it towards the IR sensor. If it doesn’t work, then you can add a Google Chromecast.

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What is the Function of IR?

After knowing the two ways to activate infrared on Android earlier, now is the time for you to know more about the IR function.

Basically there are a lot of benefits from this IR sensor, considering that there are many electronic devices that still use it.

Usually the most common infrared on Android like this is widely used as a remote control. That means users can control various kinds of electronic devices that use IR sensors with their cellphones.

So if the cellphone you are using has an infrared sensor, it can control other electronic devices such as smart TVs from your cellphone.

However, not all Android phones are also equipped with infrared, so you have to know how to check it. Well, to check it, you can use the dial code, because this can open the secret menu of Android phones.

Several ways to activate infrared on Android are actually very easy, you can practice all of them yourself. (R10/HR-Online)

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