Honkai Star Rail Opens Special Registration for Long Term Beta Testers


MiHoYo’s long-term success through Honkai Impact has encouraged them to expand their franchise with a new game called Honkai Star Rail. While waiting for the release, which is still uncertain, the developer has again prepared the registration for Honkai Star Rail beta access, which this time is more specifically for those who are willing to become long-term testers.

Called the Galaxy Explorer Program, this beta registration will later be divided into several batches covering different versions of the game on a small scale. This is certainly different from the usual closed beta, because players will be given exclusive access to several versions of the game that are more secret. Therefore, of course, everyone who wants to register must comply with a more stringent Testing Service Agreement in order to maintain the confidentiality of the content.

If you are really interested in participating, registration has officially opened without a schedule limit, but those who register before March 14, 2022 can have the opportunity to be involved in the latest testing session. The Honkai Star Rail special beta registration form is summarized in a lengthy survey that you can check right away HERE.

Honkai Star Rail has been confirmed to be present as a spin-off sequel to Honkai Impact 3 or more precisely after APHO (A Post-Honkai Odyssey). The most striking difference from this series lies in the gameplay system which no longer carries hack and slash action but switches to turn-based RPGs. Even though it’s a fairly large change and may not suit the tastes of some players, the game seems to still retain the dominant action elements, such as an attack effect full of cool animations which might also be combined with strategic gameplay and has a fast-paced gameplay.

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Currently the game is still under active development for Android, iOS, and PC platforms. If you are curious about the full details, we happened to have time to summarize five interesting Honkai Star Rail information and facts that you can check out HERE.

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