HealthyQ Forum Consulting Has Never Been So Easy and Complete


Unlike years ago, nowadays all of our life needs are getting easier along with the advancement of technology. This includes health problems which can now be accessed with each of the gadgets we have. There is quite a lot of information that we can get about health that we can get from various forums so that it will be very helpful in solving various health problems that we encounter everyday.

Nowadays, there are even so many health forums that we can easily access. However, in order to get the accuracy and completeness of the information we need, of course we have to be very clever in choosing which platform we should choose. And among the many health forums available, Forum SehatQ is here to offer everything we need, complete and available online.

Why Forum SehatQ? Because in addition to having worked with various hospitals, clinics and health facilities as well as trusted medical personnel, there are also general practitioners and specialists to help provide solutions and answers to all our health problems for 24 hours. SehatQ presents a health forum that we can access anywhere and anytime. Because it is a forum, other users will also be able to read the complaints and questions we ask. So, those who may be having problems like the ones we ask, will be able to help too. And of course, all forms of questions that we ask in the SehatQ Forum will be answered directly by experienced doctors.

Not only that, other users will also be able to provide comments and complaints and share useful information for the community. All users.

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Once our forum page opens, we will be shown a preview of the questions on the forum’s front page, author information, and the number of times the question has been viewed. However, if we think that this feature is quite inconvenient, we can choose to filter or filter questions based on the level of popularity, the number of comments, or the number of users who see it. Therefore, the SehatQ Forum is perfect for people who need advice, solutions, and additional information. Moreover, with the variety of categories that can be selected according to the theme we want. Easy isn’t it?

When we want to consult about health, we only have to write down the question in the available Ask a Doctor Forum column. And in the future, our questions will be answered immediately, of course by the relevant expert doctors according to the questions we ask, because SehatQ presents more than 36 thousand doctors from various specialization fields such as ophthalmology, urology, psychologists, nutritionists, dentists, medical rehabilitation , neurology, ENT, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, heart, lung, hematology, anesthesia, microbiology, even mental illness.

What if we ask a simple question? Don’t worry, because the doctors at the SehatQ Forum will not only answer questions about serious illnesses. Even minor or trivial health problems will be answered properly, such as whether or not it is permissible to drink coffee after taking medicine, what facilities we can get with BPJS services, as well as the intent and purpose of doing a referral from the Covid-19 rapid test.

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We can use SehatQ’s features for free without any charge. Even so, all the information we get through the SehatQ Forum can be trusted and there is no need to doubt it because all the answers are given by trusted and competent medical personnel and are experienced in their fields. And the interesting part of this SehatQ Forum, is the freedom to use names. So that users whose names do not want to be identified can write only initials to maintain their privacy. Complete isn’t it? Therefore, if we want to find a doctor to consult about health, it is enough to access the SehatQ Forum which is easy, complete and most importantly, free again.