Guess movies with this Wordle-like game


Framed game similar to Wordle to guess movies

Do you think you can guess the name of a movie just by looking at the image of a scene? If your answer is “Yes”you should give a chance to Framed, Wordle-like game that lets you guess movies.

With an almost identical appearance to the famous Heardle, a game in which the objective is to guess songs, in this version it is necessary to have viewed at least 200 moviesbecause the database of this version of Wordle for moviegoers is huge.

This is Framed, the version of Wordle for movie fans

Framed Wordle of Movies

If you played Wordle, or one of the alternatives that you can find on the Internet, the method of playing in Framed is exactly the same. In a nutshell, you will have 6 chances to guess the movie of the day.

Showing 6 different scenes from the same movie, Framed will present you with some clues so you can guess the movie. Of course, according to what we have been able to observe when playing this game online, all the movies we have tried to guess are american.

I mean, when you go to guess a movie, you will have to put a title of it in Englishsince the game in question does not recognize titles in Latin Spanish or Spanish from Spain.

How to play Framed?

how to play framed

If you have a mobile device or computer, you only need to be connected to the Internet to be able to enjoy this fun web game.

Of course, we have had problems when playing this version of Wordle in browsers such as Opera and Firefox on Android, What kind of problems? They did not load the pictures of the movies that we had to guess.

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With nothing more to add about it, so you can play Framed from your phone, tablet or PCyou must click on the link that we leave you at the end of this paragraph, it will take you directly to the Framed website.

Link | Framed