Great, Fortnite is finally back on iOS and iPadOS

9, Jakarta – Since Epic Games’ legal battle with Apple, Fortnite has struggled to survive on iOS-based devices. For players, this is certainly detrimental.

Now there is a solution to that problem, namely through cloud gaming. And what could be better if the service cloud gaming doesn’t require you to subscribe or download their app? Now,thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can play battle royale game your favorites on any platform with ease.

Fortnite isn’t available on the Play Store but that’s no big deal, as you can download it easily with the Epic Games mobile store. However, this is not a possibility that can be done with the Apple ecosystem.

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The only way to enable Fortnite again is cloud gaming. With the new Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), you can enjoy Fortnite for free. Of course what’s interesting here is that players don’t need to install any applications, all you need is an internet browser.

Mobi Gaming stated, because the game service is still in Beta stage, only 26 regions can enjoy it for now. Obviously, there is a requirement for high internet speed.

Fortnite can be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Apart from that, one more advantage of using the service games this is games will be optimized than native Android apps which can be hit or miss depending on the user’s device model.

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