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Google Optimizes Android 13 for Pixel Tablets


droidsnipe.com, Jakarta – Recently, Google has been aggressively releasing several new devices at the annual conference for Google I/O developers. In addition to the Pixel 6A and Pixel Buds Pro, Google will also be releasing the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch.

Google revealed if they are conducting trials for a new tablet. Reporting from Gizmochina, Google will optimize Android 13 for tablets called Pixel Slate.

As Apple did, Google didn’t initially pay attention to tablets when they were first released. The first generation of Android tablets felt like Android phones with large screens.

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It was only when Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which was released in 2011, officially introduced several features designed specifically for tablets. However, at that time some of these features were still in the testing phase.

With Android 12L, Google is starting to lay the foundations for Android to work for a variety of screens and shapes. The reason for the development of Android 12L is because of the emergence of folding screen phones that continue to innovate.

Now, Google will focus more on large screens starting from Android 13. The plan, Android 13 Pixel Tablet will be released in 2023 by paving the way for new features that become standard for similar devices.

This series of features has been used by several tablet brands. For example the taskbar at the bottom that allows users to open applications faster. Then, there is a split screen between the two apps which makes it even easier.

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Not only that, the features adopted for Android 13 will also optimize the experience of using the stylus on tablets, especially palm rejection.

The developers are continuing to do a few things to integrate some of those features into the app. So Android can perform well when opening the screen in full, partial or in a window sized like Chrome OS.

To encourage developers, Google will lead this change and update 20 built applications. This update takes advantage of the tablet-optimized features of Android 13. Popular apps like TikTok and Facebook will also follow Google.

This is Google’s first step to a bigger vision. Google wants to prepare users and developers for a multi-device world. Starting from mobile devices, watches to tablets.